MARCUS for the Turner family — MD

 photo fwbutton150.pngOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Turner Family would like to introduce you to a very special little boy.  This is their child, Marcus!

Although they do not know Marcus yet, Carl and Martha are adopting him from Eastern Europe. What they do know about Marcus is this:

He has never known the warm and loving embrace of a mother, or the joy of a piggy-back ride from a father. He doesn’t know what it feels like to be tucked in and kissed goodnight, warm and safe in a caring home. He has yet to receive full medical attention, proper, nutritious food, a childhood that allows him to be a child and an environment where he can thrive and flourish and reach his full potential. He needs a loving family the most.

The Turners cannot wait to bring Marcus home, to hold him in our arms, to read stories with him, to watch him play with his big sister, to take him to Sunday School, and always provide a hand for him to hold as he grows. No words can capture the true joy and excitement we feel as we anticipate the blessing of his presence in our home.

Carl and Martha would like to invite you to be a part of our adoption. They have two goals, the first is to create a community of friends, family and neighbors, locally and globally, who are ready and excited to welcome our Marcus into their lives and will commit to pray for our family over the next few months. The 2nd goal is to raise funds to bring Marcus home. Thank you for joining the Turners in this journey both in prayer and in financial support.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at:

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ASHTON for the Van Halle Family — NY

Things in ‘Alexis’s’ country didn’t go as planned, and we are very disappointed to tell everyone that ‘Alexis’ is not going to be joining our family. After working towards her adoption for a year, we are obviously upset.

Through a very difficult time, we decided to remain open to the possibility of adopting a different child who could still be a good fit for our family. Angie was able to review the files of waiting children while still in country, and we gravitated towards one of the available children after some discussion about what we felt we could handle. Angie was able to spend a significant amount of time with him at his orphanage, and we felt comfortable making the decision to move forward.

We are now ready to introduce everyone to ‘Ashton’. Angie was fortunate enough to celebrate his 10th birthday with him while in country, and our hope is that he will join our family forever, before Christmas this year. ‘Ashton’ has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and bilateral second to third degree neurosensory hearing loss, so he communicates solely with the sign language used in his country. Angie and I have a lot to do to get ready for ‘Ashton’ to come home!

Because of all the unknowns in the process due to recent changes in the government, Angie had to fly to ‘Alexis’ and ‘Ashton’s’ country on a one way ticket, and spent much, much longer than expected in country, so this trip was quite a bit more expensive than we had anticipated. How long she had to be there also means that she was forced to take quite a bit of time off of work, and we have concerns that when she goes back to bring ‘Ashton’ home, the situation will be similar. Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards our adoption so far, and if anyone has the desire and the means to help us moving forward we greatly appreciate it.

We greatly appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement we have received throughout this adoption process. We would also love everyone’s continued prayers while we move forward, and try to prepare for the new normal for our family.

6/19/17—FIRST TRIP JUNE 24

$7,909.08 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Ashton has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.

RYDER for the Graves family — IN

 photo fwbutton150.pngGraves (2)Jared and Michelle Graves have been happily married for 11 memorable years.  They have been fortunate enough to have 3 biological sons, Andrew (16), Evan (12), and Jake (9).  They are hoping to add just one more boy to their family, Joseph.  Michelle comes from a large family of four sisters, two brothers, and nine nieces and nephews.  Jared on the other hand not as big, he had one sister.  Both families are waiting opened arms for Joseph to make his way ho me.  When Michelle first started researching the idea of adoption, which they have considered for many years, Joseph caught her heart and she instantly knew that he was going to be her son and the newest addition to their family.  Joseph is seven years old and has Down syndrome, but that is exactly what Michelle and her family wanted and needs.  Their youngest son, Jake, also has Down syndrome and has changed their lives in unimaginable ways.  The Graves family is fighting with everything they have to adopt Joseph.  The family has raised money and collected hundreds of shoes for a fundraiser that helps those in need.  They want more than ever to bring Joseph into their lives and nourish him with love and affection, because that is what every child deserves.

After learning that Joseph had recently passed away, the Graves family took some time to regroup — and are now moving forward with adopting Ryder.


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Joseph has received a $3199.50 Waiting Child Grant.
Ryder has received a $2,095.35 Waiting Child Grant.

MERRYN for the Kesti family — AZ

Merryn 2016 cropped 2Andy and Kelly have been married for almost 29 years. They have been blessed with seven biological children over the course of their lives together-six sons and one daughter. They now have four adult children that have left home so that leaves only three at home.

In 2010 they were introduced to the beautiful world of Down Syndrome when their youngest child was born. Although the learning curve was steep and Jamison suffered from numerous medical challenges in the first few years he is now a healthy, thriving and delightful 6 year old who is the absolute delight of their family!

Kelly has had a desire to adopt for a long time. Before Jamison was born she discovered Reece’s Rainbow and she and her daughter, Abby, would spend many hours looking at the waiting children and wondering if there would be a time that adoption would be a part of their family. The timing wasn’t right.

Following Jamison’s birth and a cross country move the Kesti family settled into their new community. They discovered and became active in their local Down Syndrome advocacy group, DSNetwork of Arizona all the while becoming more and more aware of the awesome-ness of these special people blessed with an extra chromosome.

Once again Kelly began looking at the waiting children on Reece’s Rainbow and becoming part of Facebook’s DS adoption advocacy community. Now after a year of looking for their child and beginning an adoption savings they found their daughter, “Merryn” right where this all started-on Reece’s Rainbow!

“Merryn” is a very adorable little 5-year old girl with Down Syndrome who is waiting for her family to come and bring her home. Andy and Kelly are her mom and dad and are working hard to get her home as soon as humanly possible! They can hardly wait until the day they will bring their sweet girl home where she can feel the love of all of her family that waits for her!

The Kesti family has already seen so much support and enthusiasm as they are beginning this process. They know there are generous people that would also like to help by donating so they can make this process as smooth and as fast as it can be!
Please consider making a donation; any amount will help!

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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Merryn has received a $125 Waiting Child Grant.

TYLER and NOAH for the Waller family — AL

Tyler (2)Jason and Rebekah Waller have been married for almost 14 years and have 4 beautiful children.  Adoption was only something they had discussed briefly as a “maybe one day” or “we might eventually” kind of notion.  One day, after following a Reece’s Rainbow link a friend had posted on facebook, Rebekah came face to face with Tyler.  She immediately felt a connection, but knew she couldn’t make that decision alone. After weeks of crying, praying, and constantly thinking about this precious boy, Jason agreed that they should contact someone for more info.

It’s been tough, but they can already see the great rewards.  Their kids (especially the oldest) are super excited!  Please pray for the process and for sweet Tyler.


$4,245.49 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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The Waller family has also received an Older Child Grant of $10,000 for Tyler.

TEMPERANCE for the Sims family — MI

Temperance (2)The humanity in all of us is touched by thoughts of the loneliness experienced by any child waiting for adoption. The story is all the more profound if the child has some special medical need that means his/her passage into adulthood without the love and protection of a family will result in an already desperate prospect having a truly hopeless outlook–most especially when the special need secures little sympathy or help from in-country institutional sources.

This is a story about a little girl called Temperance, and the family she was meant to have.

Temperance has just turned 8. Her prospects of adoption are hugely compromised not only by her age but also and more particularly by her very special need—a chronic blood disorder which is not well understood in her country. She does well in school and is respectful to adults. She is pretty and sweet, but she will not survive under the current circumstances.

The Sims married later in life but faced the prospect of a childless marriage because Dean had the exact same medical condition that Temperance has. Consistent care, persistence, intelligent medical management and the advance of science not only enabled him to manage this condition and live an active, healthy life but it allowed Mary and Dean to have two healthy biological children. This story, if we had space to share the details, would itself leave you watery eyed in terms of its improbability.

Mary and Dean want to try to give something back by way of thanks for their good fortune. Their age now puts them just over the line of ineligibility for many adoption programs, but their preparedness to embrace Temperance into their family and their unique ability to offer medical care and personal experience in successfully managing her condition has opened up an opportunity for them to adopt Temperance.  The cost of this adoption (nearly $60,000) is a harrowing obstacle even after making sacrifices and putting aside other wants and needs as all adoptive parents must do. The high cost is due not only to the extensive in-country fees, but also to the requirement for a six-week stay in country for the whole family.

They are resolved to make it happen. They feel they have to. Without this lifeline, Temperance would seem to have little chance at a full and happy life. In fact, now that she is eight, she may be moved to the school for children with mental challenges, which is where many children with miscellaneous conditions seem to end up. This would be a terrifying prospect even for an adult, but imagine yourself looking through the eyes of a smart and aware, but defenseless, little girl! Even without that, she could find herself suffering extreme prejudice and hardship upon aging out, due to her health condition (if she remains healthy long enough to age out) as well as having spent time in a school for mentally challenged children (of which she was not one). In the arms of her family she would be loved and nurtured and have her condition safely managed so that she could have a full, happy and long life of achievement and strong relationships.

We hope you will join us in bringing this precious child home, and saving a soul worth saving. Maybe in the process, we can begin to break down the bureaucratic paradigms that prevent other children in similar circumstances from finding salvation. But for now—Temperance.


$87.30 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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