Jonathan and Erin are so excited about growing their family through the journey of adoption! The possibility of adoption first came about when Erin stumbled upon the Reece’s Rainbow Instagram page via a previous adoptive family. As she was scrolling through pictures of adoptable children, two adorable brothers caught her eye. After a few weeks of contemplation, she showed the brothers’ picture to Jonathan. He immediately felt the same way she did when he saw their picture. After much research, discussion and prayer, Erin and Jonathan decided to dive in to the adoption process head first! They feel strongly that there was a reason that the picture caught their eye in the beginning, and they have trusted in that reason throughout the whole process! Both Jonathan and Erin’s families are very excited and supportive of the couple’s decision to adopt.

Jonathan and Erin are in the process of finalizing their homestudy and are excited to keep moving forward throughout the process. Any help we receive will be so greatly appreciated! We are looking forward to sharing our story and joy throughout the adoption process.


$24.85 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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