The Calkins family lives in West Michigan in their blended home of six wonderful children.

When Michael and Jade met and started getting serious in their relationship, Jade expressed her long time desire to adopt. Fortunately for Jade, Michael was completely on board. They decided to have a biological child together as well, and were blessed to become pregnant shortly after their wedding. They were excited to be expecting a little girl they planned on naming Luna Eleanor. Unfortunately while several weeks pregnant they learned that their baby girl had passed away due to a chromosomal disorder. They were devastated but knew that they would have loved and raised her no matter what.

Not too long after their baby’s passing, they were able to get pregnant again fairly quickly. They welcomed a healthy baby boy, albeit prematurely, that they named Corbin. While Jade always knew that she wanted to adopt special needs, she didn’t ever consider Down syndrome (Ds), but not for any particular reason. She works with adults that have Ds and has been blessed to know and love several people in her life with Ds, but when she pictured adopting she thought about adopting children that had other special needs. Michael was the one that suggested they adopt a child with Ds, and with how much they loved Luna for the short time they carried her, it seemed like this was the best decision for them.

In the Summer of 2019 they saw three little girls listed on Reece’s Rainbow and had hoped to adopt all three girls. Due to circumstances completely out of their control, they’re only able to move forward to adopt one child at this time. They will continue to advocate for the sweet girls they weren’t able to adopt.

They thank you for your support in their adoption as they move forward with heading to Eastern Europe.  If the child that they intend to adopt is no longer available for adoption when they arrive, they will still be adopting a little girl with Ds.

1/4/2021 — FIRST TRIP in JANUARY

$11,401.90 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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