I remember thinking, “Will I ever return to China?” as our plane departed from our adoption trip in 2017.

We adopted our two sons on that trip, and I longed for home in the USA, but I absolutely wanted to return to China one day.

In January of 2020 we once again met the requirements to adopt from China. We sent in our application and started our home study as soon as possible. We desired to adopt a little girl with down syndrome and we were matched one day after our home study was registered with our adoption agency! Oh, the joy at opening that file and seeing her beautiful face!

But, as we all know the world hasn’t been the same since then, and adoptions from China are on hold for now. We can’t wait to travel to China and adopt her, and the updates we get every once in a while make us love her all the more and dream of the day she will be our daughter.

The orphan crisis hasn’t ended and children still wait for families all over the world. Our family has opened our hearts again to another adoption. This time in Eastern Europe, in Bulgaria. We are overjoyed at the privilege of adding another child to our family. We ask for God to guide us and to bring us together. Hope is what we cling to! We thank you for your prayers for both these children in different parts of the world.


$4,849.90 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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