Nick and Keely Cogan have always believed that adoption would be a part of their family story. They adopted their first child in 2011, bringing Karwen home from China. Her smiling face called to to them and they knew that she belonged with them.

Only months after coming home with Karwen, they knew that they were being led back to China. Sure enough, Kai (“Nick” on RR) and his little brother Kade joined the family in 2014. The Cogans thought that their family might be complete, but the Lord had other plans. Kassi came home in 2016 after a whirlwind process of just 12 weeks. The process had to be expedited because she would have aged out only three days after she met her new family.

At that point, it was clear to them that their family was still incomplete. Two teenage siblings came up – they urgently needed a host family. The Cogans felt like this was placed before them and were given the means to host S and V in the summer of 2018 and then again that winter. Although it has not always been easy, the family grew together and very soon realized that they all ‘fit’ just perfectly. S and V have expressed a strong wish to become Cogans, and the family is convinced that they belong together and are all working so hard to make that happen (even the little ones)! S and V both have urgent medical needs that are impossible to treat properly where they currently are, making it imperative for the Cogans to move forward as quickly as they can.

When the kiddos are back in their home country, everyone feels like the family has missing pieces and yearns for everyone to be together again, hoping and praying that the kids remain safe and healthy in a very hard situation until they can be home forever.

The Cogans believe that the Lord will provide everything necessary to finish this incredible journey, and so appreciate you joining them in speeding up this process to get their children home where they belong with the medical attention that they need. They thank you for any and all prayers and support that you can offer.

12/10/2020 —  TRAVELING NOW; TRIP 1

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