Born: 2016
Microcephaly, Hypotrophy 2nd group, protein-caloric malnutrition with anemic syndrome, constipation and flatulence, and delay in the physical and neuro-psychical development.

Brenda was born premature. She lived with her birth parents and her twin for the first 7 months of her life. She was then placed in an orphanage. Her twin died when they were a year old from pneumonia. Brenda experiences a lot of gas and bloating issues. She’s had multiple tests done to try to determine a cause, including testing for celiac. At this time, there is no conclusive diagnosis other than constipation. She takes multiple over the counter supplements each day to help with the gas, bloating and constipation. She’s also on a formula drink supplement to assist with weight gain. She walks independently.  She can go up the stairs with support. She climbs on furniture, runs, can balance on a swing. She can perform complex of actions when shown. She is cautious when learning new actions. She feeds herself with a spoon, but does not like dry foods. She pronounces continuous combinations of sounds and separate simple words and tries to combine them into sentences. Her understanding corresponds to the age and surroundings. She performs simple actions after verbal instructions..She mainly plays alone, but doesn’t isolate herself from the other children. She can play for a long period of time and there is a plot in her games. She prefers a certain doll. Her attention is attracted by toys that make sounds and are mechanic.    She accepts boundaries and follows simple instructions.  She is inquisitive and observes the individual activities with interest. Her attention is easy to attract and held on activities suggested by the teacher – music, playing with cubes and rings, cups to be fitted in one another, looking at books. She remembers and reproduces actions she was shown. She holds a pencil and scratches within the margins of the paper. Her speech activity is on the level of pronouncing separate combinations of sounds and simple words which she tries to combine in a sentence. She looks at her image in the mirror.  She communicates with adults and children, and seeks contact with significant adult. She is active and has fun in the games. She is clearly interested and listens to songs and “dances”. Her facial and body expression are very expressive. She imitates gestures and mimics. She performs social gestures.

*** Brenda has been awarded a $2,000 Grant! *** 




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