We are adopting. In those three little words, there is so much meaning. They are the words that send our hearts soaring — it’s so surreal, has been SO long on our hearts, and the journey we’ve taken to this place looks nothing like we originally intended. But so it is with God. ⁣

His panoramic view has smashed our Polaroid at every turn. We can see only what is in front of us—the virtual snapshot of the life I’m living—and yet in his gracious goodness, He sees it all and is not shaken by the tidal wave of any one moment. His plan has been perfected in the waiting, and it is with great thankfulness and JOY that we find ourselves back here, in this space….waiting on His timing.

We are adopting from Eastern Europe. We plan to name this little girl Saylor – a name that means ‘rope’ or ‘tether’. Her name has become a metaphor for this entire adoption journey. Our hearts are tethered to a tiny baby living half a world away. We’re tethered by the promise of what is to come, by the permanence God has already spoken over our family and the intention with which He’s chosen us for one another.  God has anchored this little girl to our very souls and she is a part of us–even now. The need is great and the families are few, and we believe she is worthy. We desire to proclaim God’s gracious goodness and intention over her precious life. She is worthy of being wanted. We have chosen to pursue this little girl as our beloved daughter with deep, loving intention.

We have four kiddos, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1 – two boys and two girls. I am a public school kindergarten teacher and my husband works for our state government. We aren’t uniquely qualified in any way to pursue an international adoption, but we love Jesus with all we’ve got and our steadfast faith is in Him alone. We believe that He will light this path as we walk forward to bring our baby girl home!

We are stepping out in bold faith and brave love. International adoption is daunting, on so many fronts. The financial implications – especially for our big and blessed family of six – are substantial. We know this will stretch us, but we also know that God is so much bigger. We know He delights in bringing orphans into their forever families, and we raise our arms to Him knowing He will make a way for us in this season. He’ll light the path, and we’ll walk it in JOY as we bring our girl home.

I always tell my three year old, as he’s running around the house at lightning speed with his eyes on the floor, “LOOK UP! Look up, so you can see where you’re going”  Friends, will you look up with us? Will you fix your eyes on the One who adopted us ALL into His family as orphans, and will you help us bring this precious baby girl home?


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Bryan and Dana have searched for their son for five years, and they’ve [finally!] found him in Eastern Europe! The Lankfords began their journey in 2014 when they became dual licensed, foster to adopt parents in Dallas, Texas. They have loved on and provided stability to more than 20 children since opening their hearts and home, but the child they waited for eluded them.

During Thanksgiving 2017, Bryan and Dana saw a smiling, hopeful face on an international adoption website. They inquired and, less than a year later and after a whirlwind of paperwork and travel, they were overjoyed to become the proud parents of a happy, healthy, well-adjusted 16 year old Eastern European beauty who is the light of their lives. Yet there was an empty chair at the table.. the son who remained missing. They continued to search both domestically and internationally for him.

Mario is a 15-year-old Eastern European boy diagnosed with Epilepsy who will age out and become unadoptable in November, 2019. Mario has been listed on the international adoption register for the past six years. Six years of being passed over in favor of younger, healthier children; housed in an uncaring Bulgarian orphanage and then foster home in a remote, small town where his hopes and dreams fade alongside his chance of finding a loving family to call his own. Videos and photos show the light leaving his face as the years pass. Bryan and Dana have stepped forward for this precious child, confident that funds for his adoption can be raised before Mario ages out of the system and he loses his last chance for wholeness. Your donations are working miracles! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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In 2010, Sam and Aaron met because two mutual friends found it strange that they both wanted “a lot of kids”. Their friends immediately introduced them. Within a few weeks, they were dating. Not long after, they had a serious talk about their future. Sam had grown up as a foster sister (her family had done foster care since she was 13). Her dream was to carry on that legacy. She wanted to foster and adopt. Aaron was fully supportive of this dream. Two short years later, they were married in July 2013!

They have carried out this dream already twice! They welcomed a son by birth, then adopted a 5-year-old boy, gave birth to a baby girl, adopted a 13-year-old girl, and then welcomed another boy through birth. Their kids are currently 14, 9, 5, 3, and 4 months. That makes 5 kids in 5 years!

Shortly after their second adoption, Sam found Reece’s Rainbow. She started researching and scouring websites full of waiting children all over the world. She read about “seeing the one” and “just knowing”. She asked Aaron many times about children she saw to see if maybe it was time to start an international adoption because they had simply found “the one”. She was heartbroken each and every time it was a “no”.

In December 2018, they welcomed another baby boy, Maverick, to the family. This put them at five kiddos in five years and they were sure they were done for a while. But then on January 25, 2019, just a month and a half after Maverick was born, Sam saw a picture of a little boy that made her heart skip a beat! She immediately started emailing his agency to find out more. She knew for certain that this was “the picture” she had been waiting to see! She approached Aaron with hesitation as they had just discussed waiting to add more kids to their family. He said “no” again, but this time she asked him to pray about it because she was certain he was their son. One month later, she asked again. This time, he asked questions about the boy, his country, and the process. Two weeks later, they submitted their first documents to adopt him! God sure does work in mysterious ways!! They welcome your prayers as they begin this long process to bring home Odegaard baby #6 in just 6 years.

They are so excited to meet their son but need help to get there! If you are able and feel called to do so, please pray for their journey and consider donating to help them get their son HOME.

12/20/2019 — AWAITING COURT

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You’ve guessed it… the Richardson Tribe is growing again! This time the Lord has lead them to 2 boys.

“Preston” is 9 and “Kaysen” is 15, both having cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Jaime and Chris are rushing to get paperwork done and get to the boys ASAP. Kaysen will be 16 in June however he weights less than 30 lbs and spends in life confined to a crib, receiving 300 calories of nutrition a day. He is wasting away. Preston on the other hand is thriving! He was on the brink of death before some missionaries were able to get him medical care and through a series of God sized events, he was able to enter a loving foster home. The government, however, is stating that he has to return to the orphanage where he almost died in June!

The Richardsons need to get to the boys as soon as possible and they are praying for God to open the situational and financial doors to do so quickly.

Kayson and Preston will be joining their 10 siblings, all adopted, and parents in Indiana, where they will have a wonderful church and local community to help support their growth and development.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support in getting these precious children into a family where they will be cherished and belong.


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We are the Winslow family; a family of 4 who is working towards becoming a family of 6, by adoption! Our story began in 2007, when I met my husband, Dan. Dan was an active duty PFC in the Army and was a very proud soldier. Sadly, and proudly, the day came when Dan received orders for his deployment to Iraq, and it was scheduled to be an 18-month long tour.  When Dan deployed that day, I was about four months pregnant with our son; whom was named after his dad.

Unfortunately, Dan’s deployment did not go without complication. During a mission, one of his battle buddies dropped a very large and heavy tailgate onto the top of his head. This injury was not properly treated by the medical team and sadly everyone went on with their mission, Dan included. Over the next several months, Dan continued to serve in Iraq and did have many complications arise that were going untreated.

When our adorable baby boy was born, Dan was unable to make it home. Dan was not able to officially meet Daniel until a “rest and relaxation” was allotted, which allowed Dan leave Iraq for 18 days to be home. At that time, Daniel was 2 months old. During the 18 days home, we were officially married. After returning to Iraq, two years after the initial accident, a brain scan was even completed and we learned Dan suffered a traumatic brain injury. Due to this, Dan’s “planned out future” of staying Army until a 20-year retirement turned into becoming medically retired from the United States Army at the age of 25.

Dan and I were absolutely thrilled being parents, we always wanted a large family. We became pregnant again but lost the baby in a very early stage; this happened again during pregnancy number three and four. These losses were very hard on our family. In January of 2014, Daniel was 5 years old and we were once again blessed to learn that I was pregnant, but also absolutely petrified. Our beautiful little girl decided to come none the less; at only 25 weeks gestation; we named our tiny girl Joslynn.

Throughout our marriage, Dan and I have always had discussions about adoption, our goal has always been to have a blended family of biological and adoptive children. We always had this image that when God spoke, we would know it was time to start the process to adopt from foster, but little did we know the plans He had in store for us.

On a morning that seemed no different than any other day, I was scrolling on Facebook of all places and came across a post that a friend made. This post showed a picture of an adorable little boy with the sweetest grin.  I learned that this sweet child was in Eastern Europe and I learned this child was an orphan and had a lot of the same special needs as our Joslynn! I can’t explain it in any other way then that I felt God speak to my heart. It was as if He said, “this is your son.” Then we came across a little girl with adorable curls and it was as if we could hear her laugh through her photo. Dan and I just looked at each other and we knew.


Feeling so called, we started praying very fervently, this was such a big cost and a scary one to boot. How could we possibly think we could do this? When speaking to Daniel and Joslynn regarding the children, they were both so excited. Daniel yelled out “I will make a lemonade stand! We can raise the money” and our hearts just melted. Just today, our little Joslynn found a penny in a parking lot and excitedly exclaimed “this is going to help bring our babies home!” Its such a big leap of faith, but as a family it’s a faith walk, we feel God is calling us on. We are trusting in Him to provide and doing all we can to be open vessels for that providing.

1/6/2020 — TRIP 2 to MEET EDWARD in JANUARY

In heartbreaking news, Silas passed away before his family was able to travel and meet him.  They are continuing with the adoption to bring Patricia home, and plan to add another child to their adoption, in honor of Silas’s memory.

The Winslow family traveled in November to meet their lovely new daughter-to-be, Patricia.

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Melanie and Luke Dabbs have been best friends since their senior year of high school. The two met at a church they were both attending in 2010, and have been inseparable ever since! After courting for 7 years, they were married in Raleigh, NC in April, 2017. They now live in Raleigh with their corgi-terrier mix, Kona. They both love superheroes, Disney movies, cosplaying, traveling, and board games. Melanie is a teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing, and teaches at a middle school. Luke is a Real Estate photographer and just graduated from NC State University with a major in Spanish. Melanie and Luke love language, traveling, and different cultures, and are excited to get to know their adopted child’s home country and culture.

Since Melanie was a little girl, she has dreamed of growing her family through adoption. It was something she talked to Luke about before they were married, and they were both in agreement that they would adopt someday. However, with all of the country requirements, such as age and length of marriage, just out of reach, they were prepared to have to wait to start their adoption journey for several years. That’s when Melanie’s friend announced that she would be adopting from a small orphanage in a West African country. After asking some questions, Melanie realized that she and Luke also met the country requirements for adopting from this country! They looked at a picture of some of the children who also lived in that orphanage, and fell in love with a little boy named Sid.

Sid is an adorable 5-year-old boy who loves Spider-Man, cars, and turtles. Melanie and Luke have been able to talk to him twice a month, and the first time they spoke to him, he said, “I love you, Mom and Dad!”. That is a moment the two of them will never forget!

Sid was badly burned as a toddler, and currently does not have use of his hands. He needs several surgeries to loosen scar tissue and allow his body to grow properly, as well as give him back the use of his hands. He also needs a family to love him and hold him through his medical journey! Melanie and Luke are so excited to meet their little guy and bring him home!


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Matt and Christy Sellers have been married for 21 years. They have 6 children, 3 of which were adopted internationally and just happen to be rocking an extra chromosome. Their love for children and Down Syndrome has led them to pursue another sweet girl to add to their family — and she will soon be named Glory.

They love investing in the lives of children. Seeing each child grow and change has been one of their most exciting seasons of their marriage. It has grown them to be more like Christ.

Adoption finances are challenging, but so worth the work. If you would like to be a part of bringing their little girl home, please consider donating. They are trusting that God will provide the means to bring her home. We can’t wait to see what God is going to do!


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They are stepping again … This will be Dennis & Cindy’s 4th Adoption. In 2012 their first Adoption Journey was for their little Adalyn in Russia. They traveled in December, spent a week with their precious little one, while they were with Adalyn the threat of the Ban was circulating. The Judge was trying to get them back quickly for Court. But a week after their return home the Ban became law and Adoptions were stopped in Russia. They did everything they could, gathering with the other families that also had children behind the Orphanage Gates in Russia, meeting with our Government, Praying, Believing. Adalyn is now 8 years old still in an Orphanage, we still Believe for the day she will come through the Orphanage Gates & Home.

In 2014 God brought two little ones Abraham & Sarah. They knew the two little ones were their son & daughter and on January 7, 2014 they Committed to adopt two little ones in Ukraine, just 2 & 3 years old, biological siblings. A month after starting their Adoption the War broke out in Ukraine and the two little ones were in one of the 3 Cities where the War was. Dennis & Cindy still continued, Believing, listening to God, knowing He would bring their babies home. On May 7 their paperwork was submitted and on June 7 they got travel dates. But soon were told they could not travel due to active bombing in their children’s city. God spoke through it all & they Believed, Prayed, clung to their Faith & never gave up. On Dec. 4, 2014 just as God had spoken, Abraham & Sarah took their first steps in America, their Home. God did Miracle after Miracle in protecting, bringing them out of a War zone and brought them Home just as He spoke & Promised… They will be Home for CHRISTmas, and they were.

In February of 2016 God brought another little one to Dennis & Cindy. Little Ayden … Ayden’s adoption was another Journey of Trusting God, watching, Trusting and seeing once again His perfect timing , Miracles. On December 7, 2017 little Ayden took his first steps on American soil.

When Dennis & Cindy were in Ayden’s adoption God brought a little 10 year into their Home through Hosting , little did they know then what God’s plan was. They Hosted this precious little boy now turning 13 in March 7 times in their Home. God is still unfolding His plan for this little boy in their family.

Then in October of 2018 God brought a little girl, Little “A” just 6 years old. While following another family’s Adoption Cindy saw on their page this little one, they were looking for a family to Host her for CHRISTmas… Little A was their Sarah, she could be Sarah’s Twin. When Cindy showed her video to Abraham, Sarah & Ayden they all thought it was Sarah. Cindy wrestled for a week trying to figure this one out. How could they possibly do this, they were already Hosting their little boy, this was another Hosting Agency, would involve raising funds, flying to another city to pick her up. After a week she went to Dennis & when she showed him her picture & video he too thought it was his daughter Sarah. So they stepped in faith seeing what God would do. In a day He provided all her funds for Hosting and then He provided all her flight fees. When she landed on Dec. 19 in Texas & Cindy saw this tiny little one come through the doors, frightened, looking all around, not knowing where she was with tears in her little eyes. She scooped her up and immediately she knew and her heart broke knowing in just a month she would have to send her back. Little “A” fit into our family from the minute she stepped into their lives. She was another CHRISTmas Miracle, a Gift from God and when Cindy asked God how can we do this again, how can we send her back. God told her. I brought her to you. You have to send her back so I can bring her Home. So here they are again after raising their 8 children to Adults, 9 Grandchildren, God opened their hearts, their Home & family to Adoption … They will continue to step & follow … Will you help them bring their Precious Little “A” Home?

11/18/2019 — DOSSIER En ROUtE

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James and Kasey Perry have been married for 15 years and live in Kentucky with their eight children.

In the fall of 2016, they saw and fell in love with a beautiful little girl in Eastern Europe, and set out to adopt her as quickly as they could. Shortly before travel, the Perrys learned this particular little girl had become unavailable for adoption in her country. They were devastated, but knew this news did not come as a surprise to God, so they continued on in faith, believing the Lord to have another child in mind. He did, in fact, and in the summer of 2017, James and Kasey brought home their precious Daisy, who has filled their home with so much love and joy!

Never forgetting the first little girl that spoke to their hearts, the Perrys faithfully prayed they’d learn something of her availability. Nearly a year and a half later, the day had finally come! “Mila” was available again! Although they are sad she has remained an orphan during this time, they are grateful to be able to travel to Easterm Europe once again, for this beautiful girl they just can’t leave behind.

Your support means the world to James and Kasey as they begin again to adopt.


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While in process, a different family accepted the referral for their former host son “Tristan,” leaving the Challis family unsure how they should proceed. They talked about finding another teen, but their son felt that “Tristan” is his big brother and didn’t want anyone in “Tristan’s space.” Everyone was sad, and struggled to connect to another child again.

Enter “Ian,” AKA “The Cloudbuster,” with his huge grin like a shaft of sunlight forcing the clouds aside. Since their jobs have flexible schedules, allowing for a lot of one-on-one time, both parents have experience advocating for children with special needs, and their city has a renowned Down syndrome clinic a few miles away PLUS everyone in the family feeling something special for him, the family felt confident that Ian was the right child, and were thrilled to be matched to him.

Their son is ready to be a BIG brother now – he is already sewing him toy cars to play with. Tabitha is a librarian and Henry manages a property rental office so they need (like everyone) to fundraise a lot of money on the quick, and welcome all ideas! They appreciate any advice, prayer, encouragement or support anyone can offer.

They are approved for two children and are hopeful that they will be able to pursue a match with another Reece’s Rainbow child, but are holding off on a referral until they feel confident about funding the second set of fees.


The Challis family has a $5000 matching grant from RODS Racing!  When their grant reaches $6278, they’ll receive an additional $5000!

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Ian has received a $2000 country-specific grant.




The Scotts are a family of 5 living in South Carolina. With 3 boys at home ages 5, 8, and 10, Dan and Abby always knew that someday they wanted to add a sweet girl into the mix. After joining Reece’s Rainbow’s Facebook group they saw a precious young girl being advocated for and knew that she was meant to be their daughter. Through pursuing this adoption they have learned more about what it means to have special needs and how to care for their soon to be daughter who has moderate to severe Cerebral Palsy. What they used to see as a disability they now see as special abilities, she is so able and the special needs community has shown them that different abilities are something to be celebrated! They hope that their adoption will inspire others to step out in faith into the unknown and care for a child that will bring so much joy and open the mind of others to how capable special needs people really are. We hope that you join us on our journey in bringing our precious and wonderful daughter home!


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