Danny and Rachel Suero have been married for 8 years and have 3 biological children. They always wanted to adopt and have cared about orphans and adoption advocacy for many years. They strongly hoped to grow their family through adoption, but thought it would be at least a few years away. Everything changed one day in February when Rachel decided to visit the Reece’s Rainbow site as she had often done for years. This time was different because staring back from the computer screen was little Amelie. She experienced an instant gut feeling that this was her child. She decided to pray about it, but once she shared the information with Danny, he was completely on board as well! He agreed that they should ask for more information and try to adopt this beautiful little girl.

The Sueros have been very open to the possibility of adopting a second child at the same time as Amelie. They thought that they’d ask when they arrived in her country about any available children at the same orphanage. They had no idea that just a few days after committing to Amelie, a second little one, from a different region and living in an institution would find his way into their hearts. While scrolling through the Reece’s Rainbow Facebook group, there was little Kayson, a boy who has experienced far too much neglect in his 10 years of life and who has been confined to a crib and left alone. Something powerful overcame them again, and they found themselves desperately wanting to bring him home too, even through the fears and uncertainty.

Both Amelie and Kayson have certain special needs, some profound, that Danny and Rachel had previously not been open to. They live in a country that wasn’t one they had hoped to adopt from. And adopting them will mean going out of “birth order” which is sometimes frowned upon, they followed their hearts anyway. Not only are they now open to these ages, special needs, and country, but they find themselves thrilled that this is the path they’re on and that God’s plans were so much better than what they used to think they wanted. Door after door leading to these children have opened. They believe that the financial obstacles between them and their children will be overcome as well.

Their 3 biological children can’t wait for new siblings! While it’s overwhelming to have to come up with such a large amount, they believe that through lots of fundraising, some extreme budgeting, and the generosity of others, it will happen. Although it can feel like the process can’t move quickly enough, they know that everything is in God’s hands. Just like Amelie, and then Kayson came into their life at a time and in a way that they never would’ve expected, they’re trusting that the remainder of their adoption journey will unfold in His way and in His timing as well.


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