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Girl, Age: 8
Country Code: EE-1
Primary Diagnosis: Epilepsy/ seizure disorder
Congenital malformation of the central nervous system; symptomatic epilepsy; atactic syndrome; tetraparesis; porencephalia
Listed: Aug 2014
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Girl, Age: 13
Country Code: EE-1
Primary Diagnosis: Blind / VI
Severe mental delay; congenital malformation of retina; congenital malformation of optic disc; concomitant strabismus; flat feet
Listed: Mar 2020
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Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!
Her biggest problem she cannot see good and that is why she is significantly delayed.
By some reason she cannot have her glasses on when she needs them permanently. Instead she gets them only for classes.


Boy, Age: 11
Country Code: EE-1
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Cerebral palsy. taking anticonvulsant therapy
Listed: Oct 2013
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Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!
Twin boys: Updated pictures and medical info April 2015

Clayton — Cerebral palsy. taking anticonvulsant therapy

His twin brother, Caleb, passed away in 2017

From someone who met them in 2013:
(Brother 1) He is in with a much younger groupa. He goes outside twice daily when it is nice, and this orphanage does physical therapy five times a week. He makes eye contact, but is in his own little world until you talk directly to him. He appears kind of zoned out, and then I said his name and stroked his cheek and his whole body came to life, just longing to be touched and tickled. He arched his back and smiled, but I wasn’t allowed to pick him up. He has grown too long for his stroller. I put a velcro wrist rattle on him and he purposefully moved his left arm to interact with it immediately. He is well nourished there, but he will really need a mama’s touch to help him grow. His teeth look like they are in great shape. He uses his arms, but I did not see him move his legs, though he was certainly wiggling from one side to the other and is a kid who would really like to be on the move! He is not in the same groupa as his brother. Kids are generally grouped by what they are eating, and his brother was in the groupa for kids doing formula and purees. I think he may be on only formula still. It was so hard to leave him behind!

(Brother 2) Several days later, I saw who I thought was the same child in a different stroller, but the nannies corrected me when I called him by his brothers name, slowly communicating that this was his twin brother. They look SO much alike! The first day I saw him, he was badly in need of a diaper change and I showed the nannies. He was laying flat on his back in the outdoor playpen, and when I came back to return my daughter to the groupa, he was still there an hour later, unchanged in diaper and position. The next day I saw him, though, one of the sweet nannies was playing music on her ipod, and he was laying close to her in a stroller. Although he didn’t interact with the music, he was very quick to respond to my voice. The second I stopped talking, he stopped smiling and zoned out again. But, he was so responsive to touch and baby talk! He pushed his body around in the stroller with his legs AND arms, and had a lot of good neck strength. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is only being limited by the assumptions of his diagnosis. As we left our daughter’s groupa for the last time, we saw him being lovingly carried down to his physical therapy appointment. I think it was a sign of good things to come for these boys!

Neither boy is using meaningful speech, though both babble. Videos available. Wonderful region to adopt from, especially if one parent needs to stay alone for a time.


Girl, Age: 11
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Craniofacial disorder
Cleft lip and palate; congenital heart defect (post-op)
Listed: Apr 2013
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Grace was abandoned by the train station when she was ten days old and has been living in an orphanage ever since. Grace was born with a cleft lip and palate, for which her first surgery will occur in May. She also had a congenital heart defect which was corrected this past summer. She does not take any cardiac medication but she sometimes pants and her lips become blue after strenuous exercise so her cardiac issues may not be fully resolved.

Grace is reported to have normal intelligence, potty trained, and she walks and runs just fine. She dresses herself, speaks in 3 – 5 word sentences, likes to sing and play games with other children.

Update from 2016: At 6 years old Grace enjoys looking at books, playing with her friends and has a favorite stuffed toy. She has great self help and fine motor skills, she can dress herself, including jacket and shoes, she can draw lines and shapes. She is an extroverted girl and she really enjoys playing games with her peers. She has many favorite foods, dumplings, noodles, fruit and many more. She had a surgery to repair her cleft lip already, but her cleft palate has not been repaired yet. She studies preschool, she can sing, dance, draw, string beads, and put clothes on dolls. Her upper limbs are flexible, she can walk and run, but not very steadily. She is active and gets along well with other kids, and often helps other younger kids.


Girl, Age: 7
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Blind / VI
“ihaveawarrior”Eden is completely blind and has profound hearing loss. She received bilateral cochlear implants and is responding to sound and making many new sounds, although not yet saying any words.
Listed: Feb 2018
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Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!
February 2020 update: Eden’s acrobatic skills have only increased over this past year. She has discovered how to climb out of her bed and into the bed of one of the older girls in her home. This cuddle bug loves any chance to seek out physical touch- whether it is sneaking late night cuddles or laying in the swing in her home with one of her friends. The disc swing in her home remains her favorite place, however she has grown fond of a plastic rocking horse as well.

Eden continues to take daily morning walks with her teacher to continue to practice her cane skills. Eden is now able to climb a flight of stairs while holding onto the railing and receiving promptings from her teacher. Recently, Eden has shown an increase in desire to explore her surroundings. Eden’s teacher has been working with her on spatial recognition and her ability to find new landmarks in her home. Eden is currently working on self-feedings skills. At first she was reluctant to hold her spoon during meal times, but now she is able to hold it with assistance for her entire meal. She is doing incredible! We are optimistic that this is a skill she will master this year! Eden continues to wear her processors daily. Recently Eden has begun attending speech therapy three days a week. She has begun babbling more. We hope that with speech therapy she will be able to begin to associate more meaning with the noises that she hears.

Jan 2019 update: Eden has started moving around the home with purpose more independently. She is now able to climb up 3 flights of stairs while holding onto the rail for support. She is also able to come down the stairs, also holding onto the rail for support. Eden has always been quite the acrobat and has now learned to climb on the sofa in the home and will stand while holding onto the back and jump and giggle. She has also learned to find a low hanging disc swing in the home and climb on it. She loves the swing and will vocalize sweet sounds as she enjoys the motion. Eden continues to work with her guide cane and still needs encouraging and prompting to use the guide cane throughout the day. She takes daily walks down the street with her teacher. She mostly enjoys the walks, unless she is tired, then she cries to be picked up and comforted. Eden continues to wear her processors allowing her to hear and she often responds to the sounds of toys falling on the floor, familiar voices, and music. She does require frequent prompting to complete activities in her classes. Eden also continues to demonstrate some aversions to a lot of textures. This is addressed in the home through a lot of opportunity for sensory play. She enjoys having lotion rubbed on her, sensory brush actives and water play.