The Reinecke family is no stranger to international special needs adoption. They returned from Eastern Europe last summer with their twin girls and are now ready to go back for a little boy!

Rebecca started researching international adoption while she was in college, knowing that with her own health conditions she might not be able to build a family in the traditional way. She already had three cousins added to her family through adoption and felt that this could be a good plan for her as well. She spent hours reading the blog “The Blessing of Verity” and fell in love with the idea of adopting a child with special needs. Years later, she became engaged to Brendyn and was listed for a pancreas transplant shortly after. Plans were in the works to build a family through both biological and adopted children and then a pancreas became available, which changed their lives forever, in the best and hardest ways possible. The surgery that was supposed to make conceiving easier, ended with complications that made carrying a child dangerous for mom and baby. Always planning on adopting anyway, they decided to move the plans for adoption to the forefront and began researching. Rebecca remembered that blog from so long ago and started sharing the idea with Brendyn who agreed that adopting a child with special needs would be something they were well situated to do with Rebecca’s nursing experience and personal experience with medical conditions. On July 17, 2018 Rebecca saw an advocacy post for 3.5 year old twins and they decided to get more information. It was love at first sight and they had the commitment paperwork with them to mail out on the first day of their honeymoon a couple weeks later. Twelve months after they saw the picture they brought Margo and Rose home to Wisconsin.

A few months after returning home with the twins, a little boy on Reece’s Rainbow named “Klein” started popping up on Rebecca’s newsfeed. She couldn’t help but notice how similar he was to Margo, who is completely blind from Retinopathy of Prematurity. He still had the light in his eyes that was quickly fading from Margo when they picked her up in July. He was sitting in a room familiar to the family and had the same black hair and dark eyes. They were not yet eligible to adopt and he became the first Reece’s Rainbow child that Rebecca advocated for. A couple months passed and he was still listed and tugging on Rebecca’s heartstrings. The time was coming when they would be eligible to adopt again and Rebecca brought him up to Brendyn and they requested more information. After much conversation, they decided it was meant to be and they signed on with their placing agency New Year’s Eve 2019. Since signing on with their agency they have dove into the paperwork and doing everything they can to get him home as quickly as possible. Rebecca, Brendyn, Margo, and Rose are all excited to welcome this little boy into their family!


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