Rusty and Kristin Kruse are the parents of seven children, ranging in age from 31 years old to seven years old. Rusty and Kristin met in the Army at Ft. Hood, Texas in 1994. They were married later the same year.They have lived in many different areas of the US.

Rusty recently retired from the Army and now works as a civilian on a military post. Kristin is working on a college degree in Biblical Studies. They are at a very stable, very blessed point in their lives, and have decided that they would like to share their love with a little boy in Eastern Europe who has no family of his own.

Kristin has been a prayer warrior for many children on Reece’s Rainbow for years, and has a deep love for orphaned little ones. She is so grateful to God for blessing her and her family with another child.

Rusty and Kristin ask for your prayers as they work to bring this adoption to completion, as well as prayers for the well-being of the tiny boy they are hoping to adopt. “Behold, children are a gift from the LORD…” Psalm 127:3

1/19/2020 — APPT in FEB

$250.35 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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