Franklin and Stacy began their family soon after their November 2007 wedding. Sabrina was born in 2010 and Sophia in 2012. In the same month that Sophia had her first birthday, a friend shared information about the plight of the orphans in China. As they spent several months reading everything they could about adopting from China and they felt a clear calling for them to grow their family through adoption. The paperwork was grueling but they quickly realized what a blessing it was to be able to bring their sweet daughter Sarah home. After having seen first hand what life is like in the orphanage, they knew they wanted to adopt again, thus Susannah came home.

Their hearts continued to feel the call to adopt but their family needed some time to adjust to growing by four children in just six years. During the time since their last adoption, they knew they wanted to adopt again but this time felt drawn to bringing home a child with Down Syndrome. They were encouraged by other families with both biological children and adopted children with Down Syndrome. The Eatons are anxiously awaiting the day they can bring home their newest daughter, Stella Faith, preciously advocated for as Jenna. They hope to travel in mid-October.


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