Early in our marriage, we had the opportunity to live overseas for about a year when our two oldest girls were just babies. Upon returning to the United States, we became very aware of how much we have in terms of resources and medical care here in America. We were also able to live close to family again. With those things in mind, over the next couple months, we both felt (separately) that God was leading us to adopt a child with special needs. When Ken brought it up with me, we were surprised to see that we had both been thinking that way and started exploring different options. Through a blog, I learned about the sad reality that many children in Eastern Europe who are born with disabilities are immediately put into orphanages. These children live without the love of a family and often without adequate medical care. In 2013, we were overjoyed to bring our son with Down syndrome home from Eastern Europe. A few busy years later, we decided to adopt again, this time from Haiti. Our daughter, also with Down syndrome, came home in 2018.

In reading the Bible, it is clear that God cares very much for those who are weak and vulnerable, who cannot defend themselves. And He speaks specifically about loving and caring for children without families. Even though life is busy, we have prayed (a lot!) about the possibility of adding another child to our family and feel that God has led us to do that and has shown that He will be with us and help us. We are finally through the paperwork process and are so excited and thankful to be able to bring two children home to our family. Our hope, our joy and our purpose in life is to follow Jesus and we know that Jesus loves these kids. We’re also thankful for Reece’s Rainbow and the many people who have advocated for these children. We can’t wait to have our little ones home!


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