Nick and Becky met in 2013. They fell in love with each other as well their families. They were married in 2016 to become a loving and supportive blended family with 3 amazing children between the two of them. Austin is 17, Jocelynn is 13, and Bill is 12. Their middle child, Jocelynn, has Down syndrome. They were part of a unique group of families joined by and extra chromosome.

Nick and Becky are adopting a child from Asia who is 13 years old and has Down Syndrome. After learning about how children age out of the system at the age of 14 and are no longer available for adoption, they knew that they needed to look into the idea of an international adoption. The thought of a child never having a loving family or a “forever” home was something that they didn’t want to see happen to another child.

Nick became very active in the local Down Syndrome Association. He is currently the Vice President of the organization. He chaired the Down Syndrome awareness Friendship Walk this year and has recently started an adaptive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class for children and adults with special needs. Nick works as an electrical engineer.

Becky had spent several years on the local Down Syndrome Board, and still helps out with the education committee. She also volunteers as a parent and child advocate in school meetings to ensure that the schools can meet the needs of each individual child. She has worked in sales in the mental health field for the past 14 years.

Both Nick and Becky are active in their communities and have volunteered for Easter Seals raising funds for children with special needs. They are very excited about this new endeavor and the thought of having another member of their family to love. The entire family looks forward to the day she will be able to come home to her forever home.


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