Ben and Karaline met on the bus ride to summer camp in high school and quickly became close, getting married four years after meeting. Almost immediately after getting married, they were surprised with their first daughter, Posy and welcomed their second daughter, Felicity, a short 16 months after that. Ben is a pastor at a nearby church—he’s humorous, hardworking, and joyful. Karaline currently stays at home to care for the kids—she’s gentle, dedicated, and loving. Posy is four years old and loves to tell jokes! She’s creative, playful, and bold. Felicity is three years old and is a calm and gentle child. She’s loving, silly, and determined. We are a family that values being closely bonded to one another.

Since the beginning of their marriage, adoption was in their minds as a journey they one day wanted to walk. After giving birth to Felicity, it became clear to both Ben and Karaline that their 3rd would come through adoption. Ben and Kara are passionate about permanency for children in families! The more they learned about childhood trauma and common experiences and conditions that arise for children who need a permanent family, they were increasingly drawn to a special needs adoption. As they learned more and more in their pre-adoption classes, Ben and Kara realized that their parenting style and way of life is very conducive to parenting a child with special needs. Kara also has experience working with children with special needs and trauma backgrounds. Along with their strong support system through their large extended family, and their church community, they felt uniquely prepared to pursue a special needs adoption.

At each step, Ben and Karaline expected roadblocks and drawn-out periods of waiting. But at each step, they were pleasantly surprised by how quickly doors were being opened for them to step forward through the process. Out of the blue one day, they learned about an adorable little girl with Down Syndrome. In reading her file, talking with the doctor, and considering this possibility together, they felt huge confirmation that they could care for her needs and that she was the child for their family. The phone call saying their letter of intent was accepted is one of the most joyful moments of their lives! Their joy continues to increase the closer they get to bringing this sweet girl into their family.

They now are completing paperwork as quickly as they can for the opportunity to bring her home! Posy and Felicity have loved preparing her room and praying for her everyday as a staple of their pre-meal routine. While Ben and Kara know that adoption processes are anything but certain, they feel drawn to the world of adoption and of Down Syndrome. They await the joyous day in which they will welcome their newest daughter as a part of their family, forever. Thank you for being a part of their story of permanence as a family with their newest daughter!


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