We started this journey to grow our family through adoption March 1st,2018 answering the call to adoption. We began the paperwork trail for homestudy and were joyed to have found a beautiful little Down syndrome girl “Penny” that we began to advocate for and had moved on to the adoption list (She was placed in a facility that was for the “UNADOPTABLES, UNWANTED, NOBOBY WOULD EVER WANT”). We then completed our home study applying for grant after grant being turned down but continued to do yard sales, and fundraiser after fundraiser to meet our next deadline of financials of a total of $12,600. February 1st is when our family was register with the foreign government to adopt that registration would be the start of a really long wait.  In February our Journey was turned upside down with the announcement that our family would have to switch agencies and start over to continue the Journey! We could not STOP. We did not give up on the HOPE God had placed on our hearts for a child, and now a child that we had gotten moved because she was worthy, ALL the Children at that facility is worthy and belong and families and not be left to die.  We drained our savings and everything that we had saved that we had hoped would finished our adoption, and started over! Literally started over including a Homestudy update! Time completely seemed to slow down and myself and husband began to wonder if our hopes and our PROMISE of adopting would ever happen.

On Aug. 16th,2019 we received I 800 A approval; August 19th,2019 We received the long awaited approval from the foreign government allowing us to move forward and finally match with a child. Our family had prayed many times that God would ready the child that we were to have when we Got approval. Particularly, That God would shield little Penny, and that she would be ready for us to match with (This was momma’s prayer. You know its funny how sometimes we ask specifics from God but we keep saying LORD YOUR WILL! He quickly reminded me that I had limited him and that he was writing this story and I had done just what I needed to do at this point and I just needed to BOW down to him and he had it from there.)

Our family had advocated for Penny and where was she? She was not on the list and this was hard to understand why had all this time had passed and she was not on the list when we felt strongly she was ours. No she was not ours she. We had gotten her listed because with her NOT listed she had no hope. We were her fight to get on that list. We did just what a advocate is suppose to do fight for the defenseless. God had destined us to match the beautiful little girl that he had picked out for our family before time. She is a bright brown eyed girl with brown hair and glasses and a smile that just illuminated our hearts. Her name will be Piper. This is the child we had prayed for. We signed the papers and are now needing the final funds. Our family has already been accepted for two grants for travel so literally we are just needing to meet this final hurdle of $5,000 to bring her home. Piper is 6 year old, she has Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, possible hearing loss in left ear. There is still some uncertainty with her medical but even more urgent need to get her here so we can get her the medical attention that is needed!

We have given everything to GOD and we know that he WILL PROVIDE.


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Kate has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.