Beatrice’s hopeful family has loved orphans for many years, and is an experienced, international adoptive family. They were actively searching for a girl just like her with longing in their hearts, and were speechless when they saw her picture. They have been working hard to pursue her adoption ever since they gazed at her face. Beatrice’s family will lovingly shower her with sibling play, understanding love, gentleness, and unconditional patience. Her family loves nature walks, camping, reading and movies, making good music, and food and fellowship with other families in their homes. Since the moment Beatrice’s hopeful parents saw her photo, they not only melted together simultaneously in tears, but have worked as hard as humanly possible to wrap her in their arms. Their earnest hopes are only to facilitate God’s redemption in every part of her life! They cannot stop thinking of her and of all the ways God has already enabled them to adopt her.

Her family asks your prayers of protection for her and for them. They appreciate any help getting there!

9/25/2020 — AWAITING COURT

$1,202.76 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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*** Beatrice has received a $2,000 Grant! ***