Amy & Kyle are so excited to welcome their first child into their lives through adoption! When they first began dating it was clear that they both wanted children and that they both had dreamed of growing their family through adoption. For Christmas one year Kyle gave Amy a card with appointments scheduled at multiple adoption information sessions and so began their journey to beginning their family!

After lots and lots of research and exploration of many many countries, they decided to adopt from South Korea where Kyle’s grandmother and mother were born. They love the idea of their child growing up around people who share their heritage and will help to preserve some of their culture.

Kyle has his master’s degree in international public health and now serves his local community empowering residents to make healthier lifestyle and food choices. Amy has her BA in Social Science with a concentration in Anthropology. She found her passion in photography and loves documenting weddings of the various cultures in California. Kyle and Amy both have a love of the world and they look forward to exposing their child to lots of travel both to South Korea and beyond while also focusing on loving our local community and bettering the world both near and far.

They have recently completed their home study and are approved to adopt a single child or twins and are open to special needs. Cardiac special needs are particularly close to their heart since Amy was diagnosed with an Arrythmia that was operated on shortly after they were married. That led them to discovering an amazing cardiac care team at Stanford hospital (who already know about and are so excited for the adoption) that would be a great resource for any heart related special needs their child may have.

2021 Update: The last 2 years have brought many changes in our adoption journey. After our dossier was sent to Korea we were matched about 6 weeks later with a beautiful baby girl who we had the honor of calling our daughter for several months until her mother was able to parent. We found out she would be going home the night before Christmas Eve in 2019 which was a time of heartbreak for us but also one of celebration knowing what a good thing it was for her and her mother to be together. We decided to continue forward and wait to be matched again when everything was finalized.

That came at a particularly rough time as COVID was hitting the world and our agency announced they would not be renewing accreditation and that we’d have to find another agency to transfer to. The wait to be matched took much longer than our first wait but soon we’d realize every moment was beyond worth it.

On May 17th, 2021, we got the call our hearts had been longing for, we’d been matched again with a precious 8-month-old little girl in South Korea! While we were still on the phone hearing the details, her photo popped into our inbox and I began to cry immediately. She was absolutely amazing and such a dream come true. Our strong girl had overcome big obstacles in her short life. Even with all she had been through, she was growing healthy, bright, and beautiful just as all who knew her had wished for her future, according to her file. She is already so beloved by us, our whole family and community. We gave her the name Evelyn in addition to her beautiful Korean name, which means ‘wished for child’ and we can’t think of a more appropriate description, she is truly a long-awaited wish come true. Since then we have been EP submitted, approved, and are now awaiting a court date.

10/26/2021 — FIRST TRIP in NOVEMBER

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