We are Emily Waterfield & Chris Brooks and we are expanding our family by adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. Originally from Virginia, we have been living in New Orleans, Louisiana for the past fifteen years. Chris works in operations and Emily has been a special education system leader for a decade. We have two young boys– Garrett and Oden- and together we love exploring City Park, eating Snoballs and crawfish, celebrating Mardi Gras and cheering for the Saints.

Our adoption began to take root years ago, when friends found their son via Reece’s Rainbow and shared their journey to bring him home. Advocating for the rights of children and specifically children with disabilities was not new to us, but the idea of adoption first seemed impossible and far fetched. Surely this was something other people were better suited for? For us, adoption became a real possibility the day we saw a picture of a little boy and there was a spark of instant recognition- this child, this boy is our son. The idea of flying across the world for him, raising money to meet the demands of this arduous process, lining up therapists and support to meet his unique needs– all of this is our reality now. We are not extraordinary. We are not wealthy. We are committed to our children and to bringing home our boy.

We have learned, it is commonplace due to poverty and social stigma for children with all types of disabilities to live in an institution all their lives, without knowing the feeling of being someone’s beloved child, having experiences such as going to school or to a park, or accessing the medical care necessary to thrive. We believe that people with disabilities are wonderful and not a burden. We believe in neurodiversity and that all great minds don’t think alike. Most of all we believe that all children belong in families.

Any contribution you choose to make, no matter how small is appreciated. We will not be officially matched or able to access any information about the little boy we think of as ours until our first trip to his country. Thank you so much for considering us and supporting visibility for waiting children with disabilities internationally.


$11,034.28 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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