Hi!  We are the Quick family.  In 2017, we traveled to Eastern Europe to adopt our dearly loved son, Mannix, who just happens to have Down syndrome.  We brought him home to join his 8 older brothers and sisters when he was 9 months old, weighing just 10 lbs.

When we were in his birth country, we were able to see the conditions of his orphanage and the hospital where he was frequently sent, along with other bedridden children.  We have never been able to forget these kids, who spend their days in cribs with barely enough to eat to stay alive, and no one in the world to love them.

We knew right away we would want to go back and adopt again, if at all possible.  We have the room, the love, the time, and the resources to share with another child.  However, we do not have the $30,000 in hand or in credit that it costs to bring a child home.  We intend to work very hard at making and selling things, taking on extra jobs, selling things around the house and whatever else it takes to give another child a loving home and family.  Our hopes are that our family, friends and community at large will come alongside us to make this happen, whether that be in prayer, monetarily, or time.

We thank you for your time and interest in our next journey and hope you’ll follow along.


$29,042.35 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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