(because the life of your CHILD is worth whatever the cost!)

“For every mountain there is a miracle.” Robert H. Schuller

Many families are hesitant to consider adopting internationally because of what seem like exorbitant costs.  Country fees, agency fees, court costs, travel costs… tons of reasons to not bother.

Reece’s Rainbow aims to provide adoptive families with several different opportunities to raise funds for their adoptions, and gives waiting children the exposure they need to “earn” contributions towards the cost of adopting them.

Outside of Reece’s Rainbow, there are many other grant organizations you can apply to, but you also have several other options.  Most people don’t want to go into debt over it, which is understandable, but the fact is that you are SAVING THE LIFE OF A CHILD.  Isn’t that worth a little consumer debt?

1)  Family Sponsorship through Reece’s Rainbow

2)  Grants already placed on waiting children in our gallery

3)  Home equity lines of credit (deduct the interest on your taxes!)

4)  Personal loans, already set up with very low interest rates for the purpose of financing adoption  (Wachovia, Chase,  and First Union all offer adoption loans)

5)  Borrow against your 401K (and pay yourself back the interest)

6)  TAX CREDIT of $10,650!!  (for families who earn less than $150,000 annually, but also usually owe money for taxes)

7)  Employer adoption assistance…many employers offer adoption assistance as part of their benefits plan.

8)  Grants through other grant foundations

9) One-time, non-recurring state subsidy for special needs adoptions

International adoption is AFFORDABLE, and it’s WORTH IT.

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