In December of 2018, the Wallaces brought home their son Dima, adopted from an orphanage in Western Ukraine. He was the first child adopted from that institution. He has settled in well and is an amazing kiddo. He’s made major strides! But there are so many children still there waiting. One of Dima’s friends desperately wants a family and is about to “age out” which means he would be ineligible for adoption and would have to be in that institution for the rest of his life. His story is tragic and the thought of him never having a chance for life outside of the orphanage broke their hearts. They have started the process to bring him home to their family where he will be a loved son, and where he will receive therapy and education. He dreams of traveling, he loves learning, and best of all he will be able to be with his best friend Dima. Please help them to bring him home! Help to give him a hope and a future! They are so thankful for the community of love and support for him!

3/30/2021 — COURT PASSED

$11,574.27 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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