These families are in country now…meeting their child for the first time as a result of your life-saving donations

Families are still eligible for FSP donations until they are HOME with their new child, so it is not too late to help them with your sponsorship gifts.

The Harrison family already has five children, but they have room in their hearts for more.  The family consists of Austin Harrison of Austin Harrison Construction, Taylor Elchert of Taylor Elchert Photography, and their five—soon to be six—children: Rosalie, Eloise, Cordelia, Ambrose and Forrest, which include TWO sets of twins.

Adoption is something the family has always wanted to do, and so they decided to begin the process of becoming foster parents last summer.

Taylor and Austin were originally in the process of becoming foster parents in the U.S. when they saw a profile of a child in a Bulgarian orphanage shared to Reece’s Rainbow’s Facebook page, and their lives were turned upside-down. They agreed after seeing the little boy, it was unconditional love at first sight. The couple then got in contact with an international agency and were matched shortly after.

The process officially began in February 2023, and they feel that they cannot get to their little boy fast enough! They are graciously inviting their wonderful friends, family, and community to come together and help them relieve some of the financial burden.

Getting him home as quickly as possible is a priority to them not only because institutionalized care simply cannot compare to the love of a family, but because he has lifelong medical needs that also need to be addressed here in the U.S.  The family acknowledges that while adoption is beautiful, there is also trauma that comes along with it.

The Harrison family greatly appreciates any amount that can be contributed towards their adoption costs. Thank you!


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Mike and Amber Lally have been married for 15 years. They and their 5 children – Grace (14), Keira (14), Finnegan (10), Levi (9) and Gabriella (4) – are very excited to grow their family even more through international special needs adoption. They have been very active in the Delaware foster and adoption community for many years. The Lallys have fostered over 15 children for various lengths of time, and were blessed to adopt three of their kids through foster care. Each adoption required stepping out in faith and reliance on the Lord, but each has been an abundant blessing. Mike is a solutions architect for Amazon Web Services. Amber is a homeschool mom and actively involved in the local homeschool community.

Adoption and foster care were an important point of focus for Mike and Amber before they were even married. During their dating years, they both knew it was a calling, but trusted that the Lord would guide the specific path. After having Grace and Finnegan, the call to foster and adoption grew increasingly strong. While international adoption felt overwhelming at that time, they sought to help as many children as possible through the domestic foster care system. Yet, there was always a yearning to help the most vulnerable children in need abroad, and the Lallys frequently visited Reece’s Rainbow and a number of international special needs adoption Facebook groups to pray for the children in need and the families seeking to adopt them.

In November of 2021, now blessed with six children and after having loved and a number of special needs foster children in their home, Amber approached Mike about a specific child that God had placed on her heart. The 10 year old girl was in India and had been on Reece’s Rainbow for a number of years without a match. The Lallys talked and prayed about it, and in December of 2021 decided to reach out in faith toward that child. It has been almost a year since that day, and the Lally family is nearly complete with CARA registration. They just completed the apostille process, and are finalizing the I800A. The entire family is now focused on fundraising for the next steps of the process, and praying daily with their family and friends for God’s love and guidance.

The Lally family has met their $2500 MATCHING GRANT!!


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It started with a dream. Four years ago, Amber had a beautiful, vivid dream about a little girl named Aurora. She awoke with the strong impression that their family wasn’t complete. Over the next couple of years, Amber couldn’t shake the feeling or forget the image of that little girl. She and Jon knew that they were meant to have another child. In 2020 they suffered a devastating miscarriage but had faith that God had a plan for them. Through an angel friend, they found Reece’s Rainbow and knew that adoption was their answer. While searching the site, they stumbled upon the image of “Aurora.” With tears in her eyes, Amber turned to Jon and said, “We found our little girl.” Amber and Jon have been married for 22 years and have four beautiful children, two of whom are thriving adults. Their eldest, Emma (20) married a year ago, and Jon and Amber happily welcomed their new son-in-law, Hyrum to the family. The other children, Ryker (18) Haylie (16), and Lincoln (12) are bright and happy teenagers.

All of their children share Jon and Amber’s excitement about this new little sister. Amber has spent her career working with children who have special needs, and Jon is a computer coder. They prioritize spending time as a family and especially love being outdoors, hiking, biking, swimming, and exploring. In addition, the family has been learning Aurora’s home country culture and language, to prepare themselves to make little Aurora feel more at home. Thank you for supporting Jon and Amber in their adoption journey, they are humbled and grateful for every donation that will help make their dream become a reality and light Aurora’s way home to her forever family.

11/21/2023 — TRAVELING for COURT in DEC

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The Anderson-Hansen family, Charlie, Liz and their six children (Ethan, Savanna, Nikita, Abby, Emmeline and Cameron) are on a new adoption journey! They adopted their son, Cameron, from DCF in 2021 and Nikita (RR “Bert”) from Ukraine in 2021. Charlie and Liz are both registered nurses. Charlie is a travel nurse who works in the ICU and Liz is a nurse for a group home agency for adults with intellectual disabilities. Liz has always had the heart for adoption and was thrilled when she met Charlie and realized that his heart also led him to adopt. After scrolling through Reece’s Rainbow for years and finding their son, Nikita, they finished their adoption in 9 months! Their son, Nikita, has multiple medical needs including cerebral palsy. Within the month they arrived home, they found so much joy in raising Nikita that they thought “what if we adopt just one more?”. As everyone knows… famous last words in the world of adoption! In Feb 2022, they signed and paid commitment fees for another Ukraine adoption and just days later, they got the devastating news that Ukraine was at war. They waited for a year for adoptions to reopen, when they saw a picture of their soon-to-be daughter in a completely different country! They are now in process with another Eastern European country to bring home their child. They have been soft-matched and are working hard to complete this adoption quickly and efficiently. They are so thankful and blessed for the village that has grown around them and their children and would love to have everyone along on their next journey!

1/12/2024 — AWAITING COURT

The Anderson-Hansen family has met their matching grant!  

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Ever since she was a young girl, Stephani has wanted a big family with a lot of kids, several of whom she hoped would arrive via adoption. She learned about the plight of orphans with special needs 10 years ago when an online friend adopted a little boy with Down syndrome from Ukraine and that’s when she realized she would someday pursue international special needs adoption.

That someday came a few years later when Stephani saw a newly listed little girl with Down syndrome from Armenia that led her to start her first adoption. Another family accepted the referral for that little girl soon after Stephani submitted her dossier but she knew she was meant to continue her journey and in 2015, Octavia joined the family. Stephani was happy with her small family but knew it wasn’t complete.

In 2018, a newly listed little girl with Down syndrome from the country of Georgia called Lola caught Stephani’s attention but she didn’t think it was the right time to adopt so she advocated for her, hoping Lola’s family would see her. Her famil

y did see her! A year later, Stephani started the adoption process once again and brought Lola, now Coralie, home in 2021.

Stephani, Octavia, and Coralie are excited for two more girls to join the family, this time from a different Eastern European country. Your financial, emotional, and prayerful support is appreciated.

The Obenauf family has met their $2500 MATCHING GRANT!! 


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Joshua Manning and Allison Johnson, married 5 years and together significantly longer, have built a beautiful life for their small family which consists currently of one another and 4 beloved pets. The fun-loving couple enjoys weaving mini adventures into their daily lives and can’t wait to learn what type of fun their little one will enjoy most once she is home. Two years ago, when Josh and Allison decided it was the right time to grow their family, the couple began giving significant thought to the best way to do so. A year of exploration and research lead to the conclusion that adoption was the right path for them. The couple then found “S”. She was ‘the one.’

Over the next year Josh and Allison completed significant preparations for her arrival and feel so fortunate to have been able to spend so much time creating a home and life specifically around her needs.

Josh and Allison would love to thank everyone who has played a role in supporting their daughter’s journey home. “You are such an important piece to this puzzle,” say Josh and Allison to their friends, family, and supportive community members. “We could not be more grateful that you are a part of our lives.”

1/4/2024 — PASSED COURT in DEC; PICKUP in FEB!

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Ryan and Jamie Noll have been married for 20 years! They grew up in the same neighborhood, and dated for three years before a year-long engagement; he proposed on the infamous covered bridge in Frankenmuth, Michigan. They home school their children, except for their eldest who recently graduated from their home school. She is now enrolled in a local college, taking Spanish (because she serves on a yearly mission trip in Honduras) and calculus. Ryan is the field supervisor for a pump company, and Jamie coaches roller skating. The family all pitches in with their small hobby “farm” of chickens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, rabbits, cats, dogs, and horses, as well as a lizard and some turtles and fish.

The pregnancy of their sixth child was used to radically change the family’s life. After the baby cried and took her first breath, proving the expectations of most wrong, the family continued to be challenged. During one of the baby’s many hospitalizations, Ryan and Jamie learned that children like their new daughter were sometimes abandoned in the local hospital due to complex medical needs. Jamie knew then that special needs adoption would be a part of her family’s future; Ryan was not so sure.

Months after that particular hospitalization, a seven-week critical care stay for Gaebrielle, when the special needs adoption seed was planted for the Noll family, an orphan in Ukraine was placed on Jamie’s heart through one of her online support groups for moms of children with arthrogryposis. Since Ryan still was not ready, he agreed to pray for the child with Jamie. She appeared to age out of eligibility, which caused Jamie to grieve heavily. The grieving was used to connect her with people in the Reece’s Rainbow community, where she discovered another family who was ready to adopt the child who had appeared to age out. Then, another child, in India, was placed on her heart. Ryan still was not ready so they prayed.

In December 2021, Ryan finally said they could take the next step toward the child in India. Jamie was delighted, again, at God’s provision, and they started the process immediately. Because the Noll’s have a “large” family, their agency suggested they wait until another family with similar familial circumstances get to the next step before the Noll’s officially started. Four weeks later, they were given the go ahead. For approximately one and a half years (and $16,000), the Noll family worked to adopt a teenage girl in India. Just before the child’s 16th birthday, they were rejected because they had too many biological children, Jamie was a victim of abuse as a child, and the child they intended to adopt was “already very old.” Their agency suggested looking at Bulgaria…

On August 14, they were matched with a tiny Bulgarian boy!

The entire Noll family has been involved in the adoption, as well as their loved ones and community — fundraisers, donations, notarizations, flexibility in appointments, and PRAYERS. Their home study is nearing completion of its update, and their dossier will be sent off very soon! Due to the severe medical needs of the child they have been matched with, both countries are working to expedite this child’s case! They can hardly wait to hold their tiny Bulgarian boy!

2/15/2024 — FIRST TRIP in MARCH

$2,235.47 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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