These families are in country now…meeting their child for the first time as a result of your life-saving donations

Families are still eligible for FSP donations until they are HOME with their new child, so it is not too late to help them with your sponsorship gifts.

We are Brice and Amanda Wurdeman and have been married for 16 years. We have six biological children: Naiyah age 15, Beckett age 12, Paxson age 10, Kensington age 5, Greeley age 3, and Rusk age 1. For the past fourteen years our family served as missionaries overseas. We were honored to live above an orphanage loving on the babies and also seeing families brought together through adoption. We believe we watched God work miracles in the lives of children and families.

This past year we relocated back to our home country of the United States and are once again surrounded by grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. We were gifted in part a new home and Brice became the Director of the Missions Department at the local Christian college. This made us want to open our home to more people in some way. Also, last year, our 6th little one was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. He has opened our eyes to even more joy and wonder. We prayed and contacted the country we had served as missionaries in, but they told us it would likely be years – if ever – for a boy to be put up for adoption that also had special needs there, since they were such a small country.

Then, a few months ago, God working ahead, we were contacted from a country we had formerly served in to see if we would adopt a little guy also with Down syndrome they knew about who was just a week younger than our new little guy. We knew right away he was a perfect fit for our family. We were matched, completed our homestudy, and are now finishing the paperwork that should allow us to bring him home in May or June of 2022.

We have always seen God supply our needs, so we know as He directs this, He will work out the adoption costs. We believe that the total cost of the adoption will be a little over $29,000. To date, we have already paid $11,000 and together with our kids, we are working on fundraisers to raise and save as much as we can. We are hopeful to raise at least 1/3 of what we need via grants. Thank you very much.

6/15/2022 — TRAVELING in JULY

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Nick and Joy were married 11 years ago and early on in their marriage they desired to be set apart for God. Their family verse is Ephesians 2:10 “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Nick and Joy are examples of walking in faith as they unconditionally love and care for orphans. They are the loving parents of 6 kids: 4 biological and 2 adopted children. Their desire to grow their family through adoption started 4 years ago after their 4th child was born. They spent time researching different adoption agencies and became foster parents to over a dozen children from social services. During this time, their hearts were struck by how compassionate their children were to those with special needs and the pull they had to grow their family in this way. Their first journey to Bulgaria is laden with evidence of God’s handiwork. Joy reached out to an adoptive mom from her church who then introduced her to Reece’s Rainbow. She told Joy there was one little girl whom her heart has longed to find a family. By grace, it was the same girl Joy and Nick had already inquired about and felt so unexplainably drawn to. All the questions over the years of what God was wanting them to do were starting to be answered! Now that little girl is a loved daughter, sibling, grand-daughter, cousin, and friend. God prompted their hearts again. With more room in their hearts to love, they are preparing to bring Sawyer into their loving family. They have made preparations to their home and even have a vehicle that can provide proper transportation for their growing family’s physical needs. Your prayers and financial support will welcome Sawyer into a forever family where he will be welcomed and loved by a warm community and loving family.

6/13/2022 — FINAL TRIP in JULY

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Knowing just how many children in the world need loving homes, Kelley and Jon have dreamed of adoption for years. They thought their story would start with having biological children, then growing their family further through adoption. God had different plans, though. After experiencing 4 difficult pregnancy losses, they started to open their hearts to beginning the process of adoption. They weren’t sure which route they would go – foster care? domestic adoption? When an email showed up in Kelley’s inbox from an international adoption agency with pictures of a 3-year-old boy, she was intrigued and immediately requested more information. When Kelley saw the first video of this little guy, her first thought was “that’s my kid!”. After praying about it together, Kelley and Jon decided to move forward with pursuing a soft match with that particular waiting child. After being prepared for a 4-6 week wait, his country approved the soft match in only a few short days!

With so much love to give, Kelley and Jon are ready for the beautiful and challenging journey ahead. As an occupational therapist with experience in pediatrics, Kelley has a great understanding of the resources available in the community to best support this little guy’s developmental and medical needs. Since we live within an easy drive of a state school for the deaf, a wide range of resources will be available to support the learning needs of this sweet little guy.

Kelley and Jon can’t wait to bring home their first child and begin pouring love into him. The waiting will be hard, knowing that he is still living in an orphanage and not receiving medical and therapeutic interventions that are so important at this early age. They are ready to do everything possible to speed up the process. They are so grateful for any financial support to help bring this sweet little guy home and into a loving family!

6/3/2022 — TRIP ONE in LATE JUNE

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Benjamin and Danielle are high school sweethearts who are about to celebrate 12 years of marriage! They have four children; Oliver (6), Grayson (4), Owen (2) and Madelyn (3 months)!

Benjamin and Danielle started the journey to adopt when their firstborn was a year old but weren’t sure exactly what that would look like. Just days after they signed up for foster care orientation they found out they were pregnant with their second. They felt as though this was God telling them to wait. A couple of years later, they lost their third child through an ectopic pregnancy. This left a hole in their hearts and a longing to hold a child they never got to meet face-to-face. They decided that this was God’s way of leading them to pursue adopting again. They met a local foster care agency in their state but were told that the age range was too narrow (they wanted to keep birth order). This didn’t make sense to them as they were told of the high need of adoption in their state but they felt this was God’s way of saying to wait and to help support others who were in the process of adoption.

Another two years went by, and after the birth of their third son, Danielle came across a picture of a little boy on Reece’s Rainbow. They didn’t think they were going to pursue international adoption but Danielle felt a push to send the link to Benjamin anyway. After sending the link, Danielle prayed right then that if this boy was who they needed to bring home, Benjamin would know that right away and lead their family to him. As soon as Danielle spoke with Benjamin again, she asked him “Do we go get him?”. Without hesitation, Benjamin replied, “Someone needs to.” And in that moment, their pursuit of little “B” began.

Benjamin and Danielle have experienced some hardships and life changes in the process of getting “B”, including the unexpected loss of a job due to covid mandates and the need to move across country. With much joy, the adoption of their son was finalized overseas at the beginning of April! All that is left to do is to complete a homestudy update to get their travel dates! They are seeking to fundraise travel expenses- the last little bit before “B” is finally with his family!


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Hi! We are Steven and Anna, and we have four amazing kids! We got married in 2010 and immediately started talking about having a family. We knew that we wanted adoption or foster care to be part of our story, but there is no way we could have envisioned how God would bring us all together!

In 2014, after attempting to do foster care locally and having doors closed, we faced the heartbreaking reality of infertility. We decided to lean back into the idea of adopting, and began working with our agency to pursue domestic infant adoption. While in the homestudy process, we saw our son Eddie listed in an advocacy post. We immediately contacted our agency and couldn’t believe it when they said we met all of the criteria to be matched with him! We were overjoyed. Eddie is now eight years old, and has been home from Bulgaria since Fall 2015. He loves music and the outdoors with a passion!

After bringing Eddie home, we knew that our family was not complete. We also saw how quickly his health and overall development improved after leaving the orphanage, and  we felt that we should act quickly.  To many, it seemed overzealous to start the process again when Eddie had only been home for a few months, but we knew that if there was a little girl out there in a crib somewhere, it wasn’t too soon for her. We began the process to adopt again from Bulgaria, and were still in our homestudy phase when another Reece’s Rainbow mom contacted me to share Rosa’s photo and advocacy profile. We were immediately drawn to her! Rosa came home in late 2016. She is eight years old and loves video chatting with grandparents, playing with siblings, family bike rides, and reading books together.

Shortly after Rosa came home, we saw Victor’s photograph. We immediately knew that his needs were urgent and that it was pressing for him to get out of orphanage care.  After just a few weeks, we inquired with our agency about the feasibility of starting the adoption process for the third time in two years. His adoption was completed in less than a calendar year, and he came home right before Christmas in 2017. Victor has a smile that lights up the whole room. He loves vestibular stimulation, his fiber optic lamp, and riding in the bike trailer. We are so thankful that he was able to come home to our family.

In 2019 we got an incredible gift of new life! Karyn, our biological child, was born in the Fall. It has been so wonderful to watch her grow up with such diverse family members and how much she loves them all. One of Karyn’s first consistent words was “Vic!” and she chirps his name constantly! “Vic! Vic!” Victor, who doesn’t always like a lot of touch, loves her and will even smile a little as he hears her running towards him. She has inspired Eddie to play more and has given Rosa a chance to nurture to her heart’s content. Karyn is full of moxie!

In late 2020, we realized that we had room in our hearts and home for another kiddo. As we contemplated adopting again, Anna saw an advocacy post about a specific kiddo that sent the family in the direction of Latin America. We are so thrilled to have the chance to adopt again and bring home a beloved sister and treasured daughter. Children belong in forever families, and we can’t wait to meet our little girl!

Update: Sadly, in July 2021, Victor became critically ill and did not survive his illness. While our family is deeply saddened, we are wholeheartedly committed to continuing the adoption process. We are so grateful for Victor’s time in our family and that Victor lived and died with dignity in the arms of a loving family. We are working with our agency and the central authority in our proposed child’s country to update needed dossier documents with a goal of receiving our referral in Spring 2021.

Another update: Sadly, in December 2021 the child that we were pursuing in Latin America, passed away. While deeply saddened, we still feel greatly burdened by the need for permanency for waiting children. We pivoted, and are now pursuing a waiting sibling group in Eastern Europe! We have been matched with them and hope to get their referral early spring.


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I remember thinking, “Will I ever return to China?” as our plane departed from our adoption trip in 2017.

We adopted our two sons on that trip, and I longed for home in the USA, but I absolutely wanted to return to China one day.

In January of 2020 we once again met the requirements to adopt from China. We sent in our application and started our home study as soon as possible. We desired to adopt a little girl with down syndrome and we were matched one day after our home study was registered with our adoption agency! Oh, the joy at opening that file and seeing her beautiful face!

But, as we all know the world hasn’t been the same since then, and adoptions from China are on hold for now. We can’t wait to travel to China and adopt her, and the updates we get every once in a while make us love her all the more and dream of the day she will be our daughter.

The orphan crisis hasn’t ended and children still wait for families all over the world. Our family has opened our hearts again to another adoption. This time in Eastern Europe, in Bulgaria. We are overjoyed at the privilege of adding another child to our family. We ask for God to guide us and to bring us together. Hope is what we cling to! We thank you for your prayers for both these children in different parts of the world.

6/2/2022 — MATCHED & TRIP ONE in JUNE

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The Marsh family is so excited to be growing their family through adoption. They are currently parents to Alex, Sony, and Chelsea and are working on bringing a sibling group of two home. Shannon and Jay both have a long history in special needs adoption. Shannon previously adopted her two daughters as a single mom. Both Chelsea and Sony were previously advocated for by Reece’s Rainbow. Jay himself was adopted by his step-father and has a sister with special needs who was also adopted. When Shannon and Jay started dating, Shannon had no idea that Jay himself had a history of adoption. As the relationship grew, it became very clear Jay’s heart and experiences with special needs adoption aligned with Shannon’s, something that was even written into his wedding vows. Now as husband wife, they are thrilled to be able to adopt together and grow their family. Older child adoption has been at the heart of the family and everyone is excited about their new siblings coming home.

5/26/2022 — TRAVELING SOON

$12,014.26 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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These children have received a $2000 Country Specific grant from Reece’s Rainbow & a $5000 Older Child Grant

Mandy and Thomas have been married for fifteen years, together for twenty, and have always been overflowing with love and enthusiasm for life and excited to thoughtfully grow their family. Parents to two biological sons, they’d always wished to add a third child to their family. Adoption had been something they have talked about since meeting as teenagers, but they hadn’t been certain when the time would be right.

In 2020, Mandy and Thomas felt the pieces of life fall into place; they found and moved into their forever home, the boys were past the toddler stage and begging for a sibling, and the family was ready to seriously explore adoption. They found an incredible adoption agency and through them learned more about Eastern Europe and the need for adoption there. They had assumed they would take a traditional route to be matched and that the process might take years, but while working through the required documentation, they saw Tippi’s profile posted on their agency’s waiting child list. They felt an instant connection (it is truly impossible not to fall in love when you see her beautiful little face) and they immediately felt called to be her family. Even though the odds were against them this early in the process, they moved forward applying. Exactly a month later on Thomas’s birthday, they received confirmation that they had been matched!

“Looking at her photos and videos, we are struck by her determination, inquisitiveness, and sweet demeanor. We are in awe of her resilience, strength, and abilities after such a hard medical start to life. We talk regularly with our boys about growing our family, and both love the idea of having a little sister to dote on and teach. Our strong family bond means Tippi will be welcomed with open arms and hearts by us – her parents, brothers and community, whatever her long-term needs may be. We are so grateful for your support and love, and hope you’ll follow along on our adoption journey to bring our daughter home.”


You can follow along on the Sheffer family’s blog:

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Hello! We are Daniel and Markie Baird and have two precious daughters – Aslyn who is 3 and Brooklyn who will be 2 in October. Come along with us on an incredible journey of faith as we work to bring our third daughter home from Eastern Europe.

Our adoption journey begins with an Instagram post that Markie saw in February of 2020. That child was an 8 year old (at the time) whose alias name was one that she and Daniel had already picked out to name a future daughter. When Markie saw the pictures, the whole world stopped. She looked like she belonged in our family! Markie showed Daniel the post and he thought she was adorable and agreed that she definitely looked like a Baird. They had always talked about adoption and agreed that one day they would adopt but for Daniel this just didn’t feel like the right time.

After several months of praying, Markie shared her desires with Daniel and he realized that this may be something that he too would need to pray through to decide. They reached out to trusted friends and spiritual mentors to help them try to discern the Lord’s call on their lives. This felt like a weighted decision because life as they knew it would change drastically for them and their family. Markie and Daniel work as houseparents at a residential counseling center, working with teens and their families. They help navigate crisis and lead families to healing through the grace of our Lord. Pursuing adoption would mean that their ministry would change and they may not be able to house parent alongside adoption. Through months of heart searching, praying and seeking they decided together that they would pursue this beautiful work of adoption – trusting that if God was leading them to adopt, that He would open the doors necessary to bring it to completion. Little did they know that God was going to show His faithfulness and His heart for the fatherless in radical ways.

When presented with the choice to remain as house parents or pursue adoption, Daniel and Markie chose to pursue the adoption and leave their jobs, which also meant leaving their home. Though there was no guarantee of jobs, housing or even being able to continue with the adoption, they were confident that they had been called to this and that God would see them through it. Daniel was offered a job in tech almost immediately and despite a limited budget and a very competitive housing market, they also found a house.

God is paving the way and the transitions are full of excitement and expectancy. Thank you for joining us, your support and prayers are another example of God’s faithfulness in our family. We are humbled by this community and deeply grateful. We would love for you to share our story and follow along on our blog as this story continues to unfold.

5/11/2022 — COURT PASSED

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Jonathan and Maggie Casey are classically trained musicians living in Northeast Indiana. They met when they were 10 years old and started dating in college. From early in their relationship they determined that they both wanted lots of children; at the time they both had nieces and nephews they loved dearly and both of them cherish the good gift that children are. After their marriage in 2015 they hoped and waited for children in God’s time. In the intervening years, they consulted medical professionals, prayed, and sought guidance both from faithful teachers and from scripture.

In mid-2018 Jonathan and Maggie began to seriously plan for adoption. They had discussed adoption together earlier in their relationship, as a good that they would like to participate in, and they began to make concrete plans. They began to save money and to exercise strict budgetary discipline to be able to purchase a house that could accommodate their longed for children. In early 2019 they were able to purchase a house and they turned their attention to research. Over the course of 2019 and 2020 they read many books, continued to pray and save money, even while having to adjust their plans because of delays brought on by COVID.

In early 2021, Jonathan and Maggie decided to begin their long awaited quest and began the adoption process with a home study agency in their area. After much consideration, they had decided they wanted to adopt two children, based on their emotional, financial, and spiritual ability to care for them; and because they both cherish their own siblings and wanted any children to immediately have that benefit. Even as they began the home study paperwork, they were sent a profile for a sibling pair in Eastern Europe, two kids with special needs, who needed a home. They submitted a request to the government of the boys’ country and received a soft match. As of October, their home study has been completed and they are working on completing their dossier.

Jonathan and Maggie both come from moderately sized families. Each of them has three siblings and from these three siblings they have 17 amazing nieces and nephews (so far). They are part of a supportive and loving Church community, gathered around the Word and Sacraments and succored by the mutual consolation and conversation of their brothers and sisters in Christ. They both sing in the choir and Maggie plays the organ for the church school’s daily morning prayer service.

Jonathan works for an insurance company as a case manager, and has dedicated his energy and resources to making his home fit for children, particularly by letting Maggie remain in it. Maggie is a part time music teacher, and together the two of them fill their home with music, art, and books. Lots of books. Maggie’s teaching includes teaching music for a special needs organization in their area and she has several children with special needs in her private studio.

The Caseys crave your support in any fashion you can give, money being the most obvious, but foremost in your prayers. God is the author and source of every good, and it is only through His mercy and goodness that Jonathan and Maggie can know that He will bless these boys through them. If God Himself is for them, then nothing can stand against His will and favor.

5/17/2022 — FIRST TRIP in JUNE

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Jason grew up in Oklahoma and spent most of his life in Texas and Merilee is from Georgia. Their story didn’t begin until they met while working overseas in Tokyo, Japan. After falling in love and deciding they wanted to start a future together, they were married and began the hard work of blending their families. They now live in Germany and have four children at home.

Even before they met, Jason and Merilee had a heart for adoption. It was a calling they both felt whispering in their ears for many years. They believe God has always been working in the background of their lives preparing their hearts and minds for their adoption journey. In early 2020, Merilee found the Reese’s Rainbow website and began perusing the profiles of children around the world in need of a loving home. She ran across the profile of a teenager whose biographical information stated his adoption attorney felt “since he was not good looking” his chance of finding a home before aging out was slim. She shared this with Jason and they spent a lot of time talking and thinking about the fact that children are overlooked because they are literally not “cute” enough. They knew they didn’t have enough time to complete the process to be able to pursue this young man before he aged out, however, reading his profile was the momentum they needed to propel their adoption decision further.

After a few months of researching country programs and agencies, they settled on an agency and country and began considering their options between the traditional and waiting child programs. They were leaning toward the traditional matching option until their agency passed along the file for a young girl with special needs who was newly listed with the agency. They both had heard stories of adopted mothers and fathers talking about a moment of instant recognition when seeing their child for the first time. This is exactly the feeling they had from their first look at her photo and videos. They knew she was the one they were missing to complete their family.

If you find it in your hearts to help Jason and Merilee on this journey to welcome their daughter home, they will be forever grateful. There is no gift too great or too small to help them give this child something she has never had – a family of her own.

6/17/2022 — FINAL TRIP in JUNE

$15,142.66 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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*** Donna has received a $2,000 Grant! ***

Hello! We are the Carter Family! We have 4 boys and a beautiful little girl. In 2017, we felt the Lord calling us to adoption and began praying for the direction and timing that God would have for us. In 2020, when our daughter turned 2, we knew that God was giving us the green light to move forward. We jumped all in! We originally submitted an application in Asia and were matched. Sadly, this direction did not work out and we began praying, once again, where the Lord wanted us to go. We felt called to Eastern Europe where we have applied to be matched with a little girl that was listed as a waiting child.

Most of our funds will transfer over, but there are additional expenses. We are praying for God to move mountains to get this little girl home and make her a Carter for forever! Please help us get her home to her forever family!


$2,246.42 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Debbie has also received a $2000 country specific grant.

We are the Arnold Family.  We are adopting again. Adopting has led us all over the globe to find our children China, India, and Ghana. We are currently a family of seven children.   We have two Reece’s Rainbow kids at home already.  We can’t imagine our lives without our children.  We are hoping to adopt again from Eastern Europe a girl that is 11 and in much need of the love of a family and stability.  We are hoping to bring her home as soon as possible.  Please consider donating to her travel expenses. The church is called to take care of the widow and orphan.  If not us than who will go? We were called to adopt from Eastern Europe but many children are in need of families right here in the US.  The children are many, but the families are few.  Please pray for the children and the families on the journey to adopt them.   Psalm 82:3 Defend the weak and the fatherless, uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

1/20/2022 — TRIP ONE in FEB

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Robbie and Meagan’s hearts were broken after learning that over 1,000 special needs children were ready and waiting to find their forever families in India. They brought home their first daughter in Dec 2019 and became advocates for adoption, especially adoption of special needs children.

About 9 months after Nivi joined the Hart family, they began the process of applying to adopt a second child. While applying, they saw a Facebook post about a young girl from the same state as their first daughter, who had similar physical needs. Due to licensing, she was aging out of her orphanage at the young age of 6. So many people advocated for her to be moved to a new home so she would be able to find her forever family. The Harts held on to her loosely as they completed filing their paperwork, thinking someone would surely snatch up such a beautiful young girl.

In many steps that feel miraculous, the Harts have been able to reserve Lucy (name changed for security), and they are hoping to bring her home in December of this year. Lucy is 7 years old, and she really wants to do something with her life. Would you consider helping the Harts bring Lucy home?


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Catherine and Jose have been married for almost 9 years. They are a blended family of five girls and one boy. Two of their daughters are already adults. Jose currently works as a chef for a well-known hotel and Catherine works in human services directly with children in foster care. They are excited to be growing their family through adoption. Catherine has always had a heart for adoption since she volunteered at an orphanage in Guatemala at the age of 17. Three years ago, while visiting a foreign country, Catherine and Jose saw the need of the children living overseas and the idea of adoption started to grow. A couple of their close friends have adopted several children through international adoption, and they helped them get connected with a group that helps families throughout the process.

Their adoption journey began almost a year ago and they are currently waiting on an invitation to travel. They are excited to be here and know that the real journey is only about to begin. Thank you for your prayers and support.

3/11/2022 — AWAITING COURT

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Zachary and Caitlyn Connelly are the parents of 5 biological children. They are starting the journey to adopt a 2 year old boy from Eastern Europe. They know this may seem radical to some people but being the hands and feet of Jesus is what we are called to do, right? Adoption is expensive and while they have many obstacles to overcome during this time they have faith God will provide everything they need. Knowing that not everyone can help financially they ask for your prayers above anything else. Prayers for the process and also prayers for the little boy who has some complex medical issues that may not be being met due to being in an orphanage and not having access to great medical care.

The family thanks each and every one who prays and donates. It truly takes a village and they are thankful for theirs!


$3,802.64 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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When Robert and I realized God was calling us to step out in faith to adopt, He had already provided her for us. She was 15yrs old at the time, an advocate was trying to find her a family she so desperately wanted. By this time He had already placed her photo, and story in our path. Once we realized that God had chosen US to be the family she wanted and needed. Surprised, and kinda in shock you might say. However we will do anything our Father wants us to do. Although unprepared financially, we said YES God, however you are fully aware of our finances, but you know the end from the beginning, and are able to do all we can ask or even imagine!

Here’s a little back story on us. We have 6 adult children, and 5 grandchildren from previous marriages. We are in our 50’s, bought land, and Robert is building us a house in the country. This is where we thought our lives were headed. Savings depleted from building the house little by little without a loan. We do not want a mortgage. Adoption wasn’t a part of this “plan”, well not ours! Even though our world has flip flopped God is so good to us! There’s millions of others better fit to adopt, but He chose US for HER.

He is amazing, and yet has a sense of humor. She had 1 month until her 16th birthday. What?! Yes, we had to act quickly. No time to save money, look into resources etc… Praying, we made it! Now we immediately started fundraising! I started Hot Cocoa bombs making/selling them, started a gofundme, a tshirt and Gobena coffee immediately, and still continue them regularly. Currently, I have a Facebook fundraising group: Moving Mountains fundraising that brings a steady flow in, however small amounts. Gobena coffee has never stopped, and a puzzle going on now. We have recently had Connected Hearts Ministry join our fundraising efforts with a crowd fund, and adoption board. These have been the most successful thus far. We currently have $9802 in our account with them.

How would financial assistance help us? It will make us a family. It will give her love unending, unconditional, and opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have. A bigger question: What if we were not to get assistance needed? The thought makes me ill, I have to believe God would not let us be so attached to her, and she to us. The bond we have even without touch, hugs, or that one on one contact gives you, its absolutely incredible. To love a child you’ve never met before, yet you’d lay your life down for her.

2/22/2022 — COURT in MARCH

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Gary and Denise became members of the Reece’s Rainbow Family in 2006. First by advocating and supporting International Adoption for Ukraine and children in Eastern Europe. After adopting both Makayla and Patrick in 2000 and 2002 they wanted to return to adopt but decided on adopting from Bulgaria Chrissie 2009, then Jake and Gennie in 2011 from Bulgaria. Sadly Gennie died of complication of organ failure from her Cystic Fibrois shortly after arriving in the US. Little Jake also suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. But the Davis Family devotes their love and time to caring to ensure Jake gets the very best medical care. After Gennie’s death the Davis family hearts ached. But also the Davis family heart was for another little girl so their hearts were led to Ukraine and adopted not one but two little girls Penelope and Katya. As time quickly passed by read of a little girl Sophia who needed major ortho care and a young man they named Grayson who received a donor kidney. These two children needed out quickly to survive and without medical care Grayson would have died. And Sophia now can run and dance like other children.

Advocating for Reece’s Rainbow did not end after their adoption of Grayson and Sophia in 2019. Denise followed each child as they were listed and daily prayed each found a home. Speaking to many families through her blog she shared her journey with the assistance of Reece’s Rainbow. Many times there would be certain children or families who touched Denise’s heart. So she helped by donating and advocating to families adopting. This pass year there was a particular little girl with two healthy sisters. Her name on Reece’s Rainbow but not her given name was sitting on a couch watching her sisters play. This particular video Denise watched over and over. Each night the girls were in Denise’s prayers. Soon the entire family prayed for this little girl. She sat in an old blue pair of pajamas as her healthy sister dressed in party dresses. Both playing with dolls and pushing doll strollers. Watching a video of a small girl who so many people viewed yet never inquired or cared. As months passed she sat once again on the same couch but this time alone. Her precious beautiful healthy sisters were chosen for adoption. Makes one ask themselves why not little Cassandra also. Make children like Cassandra are over looked. Her clothes still old and mismatched. Could they have placed a pretty dress on her? Add on a big beautiful bow? Made you wonder if she knew her sisters were not coming back. Knowing this one little girl once she is 4 or 5 wll be moved to an older child’s orphanage or even worse an adult institutional setting. Yes there are thousands of orphans in the world but not one child out of the thousands chose to be an orphan. Not sure if many of you have visited an orphanage. The Davis family and their adopted children can tell you this is not a home nor a family. Children need a Father a Mother, sisters and brothers. And maybe a few cats or a dog to snuggle with and play ball with.

No child as they grow up wonder why they were not in a family. Many times families do not adopt because they are unsure or afraid.. Adopting a child involves a ton of paperwork, many tears, many prayers and yes one adoption can cost over $34,000. Without prayers, love an support of others through donation can not be possible. Please in your heart Take that Leap. The Davis Family prays that the funds they need are provided as needed during their adoption. Every dollar goes to saving a little girl or boy sitting on a couch alone or laying in a bed.


$18,146.54 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

Make the most of your gift, consider sending a check! Online donations to children with committed families incur a 3% PayPal transaction fee.








3/10/2022 — JARED and CALLUM are home!
CREW will be home soon, waiting on paperwork.

FSP closed per family’s request.

$28,178.67 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

Meet the Peters family! This beautiful family is excited to be on their second adoption working hard to bring home a precious girl born with Down Syndrome. Joe and Ronda have a special admiration for people born with Down Syndrome, their fourth child being born with DS, opened their world to the beauty of everyone being born differently abled. Adoption had been something they have talked about over the years of their marriage. Both Joe and Ronda found their hearts captured after coming across a photo of little boy born with Down syndrome whom another family had been advocating for from Reece’s Rainbow. Joe and Ronda knew right away looking at that photo that he was their son. After bringing their adopted son home from Asia, God started laying on their hearts the great need of so many children still waiting for their families, most never being adopted. So, after the year anniversary of their adopted son being home and many prayers for God’s direction, they started requesting files of children. Joe and Ronda’s hearts captured once again; the Peters family is excited to be growing their family through adoption.

Adoption is a journey of love and that open-heart love makes a family. Your contribution will truly be a beautiful blessing as you will be a part of helping bring their daughter home to her forever family. Thank you for your prayers and donation.

Because the country they were adopting from is still closed for travel, the Peters family has moved on with adoption from another country.  They are now planning to bring Ella home –Ella is a sweet 1 year old baby girl born with Down Syndrome.

6/17/2022 — FIRST TRIP in JULY

$4,835.54 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

Make the most of your gift, consider sending a check! Online donations to children with committed families incur a 3% PayPal transaction fee.