Kayla and Gino Canessa have been married for 9 years and are the parents of 4 kids. They have now been through international adoption before. Their first adoption was a set of two, adopted from Eastern Europe in 2018.

Kayla wanted to adopt a sweet boy she saw online almost 4 years ago, but he kept being unavailable due to being hosted. She kept the feelings for that little guy for a very long time, following him online, wishing him well. Until one day, she saw him available for hosting, it was her chance and she took it immediately! Hosting went wonderfully, they finally met the kid they had fall in love with, he fit effortlessly with the family, he was happy and expressed he wanted them to become his forever family. Everybody was happy!

Gino and Kayla wanted to adopt him as quickly as possible and worked very hard on their side. The process, however, has been painfully slow, with many bumps on the road, due to delays beyond the family’s control.

The latest thing that happened is that they were on their way to K’s country to sign the paperwork at the American Embassy and visit their boy, who was anxiously waiting for them. They arrived in Amsterdam but weren’t allowed to board any connecting flight to reach K’s country. No matter how much they tried, they were denied every time. The American Embassy had somebody calling them and advised them to turn around and go back home immediately, since borders were gonna be closed and airports shut down, due to the Coronavirus. Heartbroken, they returned on the first plane available the next day.
Like all of the other families currently in process, the Canessa’s are distressed, worrying for their boy and his safety. Worried about fundraising during quarantine and how things are gonna be after that. They worry because their boy is running out of time, he is aging out and has medical needs that haven’t been properly addressed in his country and some others that haven’t been addressed at all. K is painfully aware of that and has started losing hope. He’s completely scared, filled with anxiety and sadness. He needs out, the family needs to go get their boy as soon as possible. Their USCIS deadline is dangerously close to expiring.

They are so grateful for the opportunity to be K’s parents and for all those who are willing to join them in helping to bring K home. They know these are hard times due to the pandemic and all its repercussions, but they are also aware of people having big hearts for the kids in need. They would be SO appreciative and grateful for any support!


$350.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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