Residing in the state of North Dakota, Bill and Raelynn, along with their three boys John (8), James (6), and Reid (3), hope to welcome home sweet Melly. Their adoption journey started as conversations during their dating years, and the desire to grow their family through adoption remained on their hearts years later.

In 2018 while pregnant with their third child, Raelynn really began to look into adoption. At first the idea was to pursue domestic newborn adoption, but the Schimetz family quickly became aware of the immense need of children born with special needs. Providentially, Raelynn aligned paths with someone who adopted children with special needs abroad and shortly after found Reece’s Rainbow. Knowing that the time wasn’t quite right to adopt, Raelynn advocated and raised funds for children on RR and patiently waited until it was time. In March of 2022, Bill and Raelynn agreed that the time was right, and just a week later the couple saw the sweetest picture of a little girl on RR.

The couple is fully trusting in His provision and timing in the adoption process, and are hopeful to welcome Melly into their home. Videos of Melly show her having the sweetest little demeanor, full of determination and adorableness. The family feels that Melly is an absolute treasure and would be beyond grateful to be able to call her their own.

When talking about his purpose in life and the role he is meant to fill, Bill will tell you it’s to be a father. Likewise, Raelynn is overjoyed by her role as a mother. She can’t think of anything better than the blessing of raising their children up in the way in which they should go. The family is so grateful to be on this path and marveling at the Lord’s hand leading them on this journey.

Bill and Raelynn have been married for 10 years, together for 14, and homeschool their children. They thank you for any support, whether it be prayer, financial, or encouragement.


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