Megan and Jacob Zars have been together for ten years and have two children, Otto (5yo) and Caspian (4yo). They are currently waiting to bring home a little girl from India, age 1, with Down syndrome. The Zars family has been in the process to adopt since 2019, originally pursuing a China adoption but switching to India in 2021. They have talked about adding a “baby sister” to the family for a long time and the ball officially got rolling after they experienced a miscarriage of their third son, in early 2019.

For years the Zars family knew that Down syndrome adoption was a possibility and as they looked into international vs. domestic adoption, the choice came more clear. Learning of the number of children with Down syndrome left in orphanages all over the world, they felt reassured that that was the right direction for their family. “We’ve seen her face and heard her giggle. We just can’t believe that she will be part of our family! Our boys think she is the cutest and we couldn’t agree more!” shared Megan.

The Zars family enjoys exploring nature, growing a backyard garden, doing art together, and so much more. They love to spend time with their extended family and take trips together. Family is very important to the Zars family and they are grateful to have their support as they pursue adoption!

This process has been a long one but they wouldn’t have it any other way as it has led them to their sweet daughter! Thank you for supporting our family along the way.

9/22/2022 — TRAVELING in OCTOBER

$14,571.55 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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