Joe and Jenna live in NY and have 4 daughters ranging in ages from 6-20.  Stella, the youngest, was born with Down Syndrome, and was adopted from Asia in 2018. Shortly after returning home from Stella’s adoption, the Neri’s fell in love with another little girl with Down Syndrome from Asia. They began the adoption process again in early 2020 and had no idea that they would still be waiting to bring home their daughter 2.5 years later.

“Nan” in China

As most know, adoptions from China are on hold for right now. We are still committed to bringing our daughter home from China and pray for her daily. We have been heartbroken that we have no news as to if/when the process will resume and our updates are getting further and further between. But we will continue to pray and hope that someday soon we will get to hold onto our girl and bring her home.

While waiting for China to resume adoptions, we had begun to consider and research other countries. There are still more children all over the world that need loving homes but was this an option? What if China resumes adoptions? What if right when we were to start a concurrent adoption, things started moving? While these are questions we still have, our family continues to have room in our hearts and home for another child. Recently, a little girl with Down Syndrome was posted on Reece’s Rainbow and our hearts leapt. This little girl stole our hearts, and the hearts of many others in a very short amount of time. We immediately sent in our inquiry and application to be matched with her. Recently we were matched with her and are working very hard to get her home as quickly as we can.  She needs medical attention and the care that she can receive here very soon.

We are overjoyed to be able to be adding these children to our family. We ask for God to guide us in both of these journeys and pray that we will all be together one day. We thank you for your prayers for both of these children from different parts of the world, and the hope that our family will be together soon.

4/25/2023 — FINAL TRIP in MAY

$10,848.50 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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