Meet the Peters family! This beautiful family is excited to be on their second adoption working hard to bring home a precious girl born with Down Syndrome. Joe and Ronda have a special admiration for people born with Down Syndrome, their fourth child being born with DS, opened their world to the beauty of everyone being born differently abled. Adoption had been something they have talked about over the years of their marriage. Both Joe and Ronda found their hearts captured after coming across a photo of little boy born with Down syndrome whom another family had been advocating for from Reece’s Rainbow. Joe and Ronda knew right away looking at that photo that he was their son. After bringing their adopted son home from Asia, God started laying on their hearts the great need of so many children still waiting for their families, most never being adopted. So, after the year anniversary of their adopted son being home and many prayers for God’s direction, they started requesting files of children. Joe and Ronda’s hearts captured once again; the Peters family is excited to be growing their family through adoption.

Adoption is a journey of love and that open-heart love makes a family. Your contribution will truly be a beautiful blessing as you will be a part of helping bring their daughter home to her forever family. Thank you for your prayers and donation.

Because the country they were adopting from is still closed for travel, the Peters family has moved on with adoption from another country.  They are now planning to bring Ella home –Ella is a sweet 1 year old baby girl born with Down Syndrome.


$9,455.50 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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