Matt and Jessica are excited to be working on their third international special needs adoption!

Matt and Jessica have been married almost 10 years and adoption has always been part of their plans. Matt and Jessica knew that God was calling them to adopt. They chose to add to their family only through adoption, and felt that special needs adoption would suit them well as a special education teacher and a pediatric nurse. They began actively looking into the international adoption process in 2015, that is when they fell in love with Li-Ru through the website Rainbow Kids. Their journey to her began! 9 months later, they were in Taiwan to bring their almost 3 year old home!

About a year after Li-Ru’s arrival, Matt and Jessica were ready to journey back to Taiwan again. This time Xin-Jou would become Li-Ru’s older sister. Li-Ru (10 years old) and Xin-Jou (13 years old) are adopted from Taiwan in 2014 and 2016 respectively. It has been amazing to watch the girls grow and blossom into the wonderful young ladies they are today. They have overcome so many obstacles and challenges in their lives. It’s a blessing to have God weave the girls into the Hughes Family.

Matt and Jessica devote their time to helping the girls achieve their goals and be close as a family. Matthew continues to work as a pediatric nurse and Jessica stays home with the girls to care for Li-Ru and Xin-Jou’s educational, medical, developmental, and emotional needs.

Now that everyone currently in the home is feeling secure they know it is time to bring home the third little girl that God has waiting for them across the ocean! They are so amazed at how God has placed people in their lives during this third journey so far and know that amazing things are going to happen! They are working hard to get to their girl as quickly as possible!


$5,415.60 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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