ZALYNN & CATTLEYA for the Obenauf family — MI

Ever since she was a young girl, Stephani has wanted a big family with a lot of kids, several of whom she hoped would arrive via adoption. She learned about the plight of orphans with special needs 10 years ago when an online friend adopted a little boy with Down syndrome from Ukraine and that’s when she realized she would someday pursue international special needs adoption.

That someday came a few years later when Stephani saw a newly listed little girl with Down syndrome from Armenia that led her to start her first adoption. Another family accepted the referral for that little girl soon after Stephani submitted her dossier but she knew she was meant to continue her journey and in 2015, Octavia joined the family. Stephani was happy with her small family but knew it wasn’t complete.

In 2018, a newly listed little girl with Down syndrome from the country of Georgia called Lola caught Stephani’s attention but she didn’t think it was the right time to adopt so she advocated for her, hoping Lola’s family would see her. Her famil

y did see her! A year later, Stephani started the adoption process once again and brought Lola, now Coralie, home in 2021.

Stephani, Octavia, and Coralie are excited for two more girls to join the family, this time from a different Eastern European country. Your financial, emotional, and prayerful support is appreciated.

The Obenauf family has met their $2500 MATCHING GRANT!! 


$17,466.64 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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