Meet the Breckenridge Family!  Scott (dad), Jenna (mom), Aeson (13), and Rowan (8)!  They are a fun loving family who enjoy the little things in life.  They reside in Iowa, but love to travel as much as possible!

The Breckenridge family is looking to bring home 3 boys from Eastern Europe very soon!  While they have met 2 of those 3 children, through hosting, they have not met their third, but do have their eye on a very special little guy on Reece’s Rainbow and can already see their future with him in their family!

They received their USCIS ‘receipt’ on 1/6/2021 and are awaiting their biometrics appointment, while they square away all their dossier documents.

The adoption journey, so far, has been a wild ride (thank you, Covid) and the Breckenridge family feels truly blessed by anyone that has helped in any way possible.  They realize that adopting does in fact take a village and want you to know that any size of donation gets them one step closer to bringing their children home forever, so THANK YOU!


$4,293.69 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

Make the most of your gift, consider sending a check! Online donations to children with committed families incur a 3% PayPal transaction fee.




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