Brian and Stephanie have grown their family in nearly every possible way: biology, step parenting, foster care and international adoption. Nine of their children are “permanent members” but a handful of extras call them mom and dad from their years as foster parents, and they have even recently added the title of “bonus grandparents” to their names.

Their kids range from 21 to 2, college students to babies, the youngest members arriving via international adoption and both rocking their extra chromosomes and both the unanimous sibling favorites.

When adopting the littlest member, Zeke, Brian and Stephanie decided at the last moment to add a second son while the world was on pause due to the pandemic. Things unexpectedly opened up again, and due to their son’s medical needs they were advised to go ahead and get him home for the medical attention he needs and return. They had already amended their home study, agency documents and USCIS approval so they are ready to head back as soon as Zeke is settled in his new family!

The McFarland-Higgins family will be adopting a third child with down syndrome, and with their paperwork ready to go, will be able to move quickly when it is time. Stephanie opened a small business in 2019 to fund the family’s adoptions and the family plans to expand their shop to employ adults with intellectual disabilities in the future. You can visit them at


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