Adoption of a child with special needs has been on my heart for over 15 years. After reading an article about Reece’s Rainbow and how kids were dying every day in other countries, simply because they had Down Syndrome, I was convinced that adoption was the plan for me. I struggled to understand how it could be that kids who were so loving and kind to others could just be tossed aside and left. It pierced my heart from that day on, but my husband was simply never on the same page as me. For years, I mourned the loss of a dream that I thought God had for me, and tried to understand why it didn’t happen.

Fast forward a few years, and now is the time!! My life has had some big changes and our family is finally ready to welcome a new sibling! This child is so loved already, and will be joining our crazy, fun hectic home with a big brother and 2 big sisters who are beyond excited to have a little one back in the house! We are absolutely thrilled to be in process, and can’t wait to meet our newest addition!


$1,909.70 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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