Sarah is single. She has always known that she was called to work with orphaned and displaced children; and at the young age of 7 years she told everyone that would listen that she would adopt all of her children when she was grown up. In 2008 her journey towards adoption began with US foster care.

By 2016 this desire to make a difference for children in need expanded across the globe and she was blessed with a waiting, orphaned child with special needs. Again in 2018 she was blessed with another waiting child with spina bifida.

Once again Sarah has heard the call of adoption and committed to a sibling set. Sarah could use your help and has set up this page for a place to send your tax deductible donations. This sibling set has not lived together for many years and suffered the effects of neglect and separation. The male child is an older child who is 13 years old with a mental delay. It is said that he remembers being mistreated/ neglected and sometimes talks about it. His younger sister is 9 years old and lives in another foster home. The children sometimes visit each other but very much want to live together and have a family that will accept them both together.

When asked how they felt about being adopted the younger child said “I hope mom comes for us soon!” Please help her bring them home. Children belong in families.

Sarah’s youngest son says: “Sarah (Mommy) will be a great mom for them! I hope they are good brother and sister. I hope they will play with me.”


$1,488.95 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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