Zachary and Savannah recently celebrated four glorious years of marriage and have two beautiful children, Reese and little Zachary. They live on a farm in a small country town in southern TN, and are blessed with a slower paced, albeit full, life as a little family loving each other and growing together in the Lord!

Zack works as a mechanic and cattle farmer with his father-in-law, a job filled with hard physical labor that also allows him to be close to home and most days spend lunch break at home with his family. He appreciates all the time he gets with his wife and kids, both in the mornings during breakfast and in the evenings when he comes in from work, as well as the weekends.

Savannah is blessed to be a stay at home mama to their two little ones. Her days are filled with nurturing their children, cooking meals from scratch, keeping house, and when the time can be found, sewing clothes and making quilts. She also runs a small online fabric shop from home.

The Morgans firmly believe that God has called them to take a leap of faith in Him and plunge into the journey of international adoption. They are working diligently to bring home a precious little girl with special needs, and are trusting the Lord each step of the way in what feels like a crazy, roller coaster ride of a process. It has been His grace that has brought them to this, and His grace will be sufficient to see them through!

As each step brings them closer to their soon-to-be forever daughter, the excitement is rising! Little Zachary does not yet comprehend what is happening, but Reese understands and is thrilled to be having a sister!

The whole family anticipates the day that she is finally HOME and they are doing all that they can to help that day to come as swiftly as possible. Whether they are spending the evening working in the garden together, painting and remodeling the children’s nursery themselves, hanging laundry on the clothesline, or laying down for naps, she is on their hearts and in their prayers.

They appreciate your prayers as they continue on, completing paperwork, trying to patiently wait on approvals and paperwork processes, and fundraising to help with the many expenses. They know that God will make a way, because He is the One Who sets the lonely in families!


$683.85 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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