Hello! We are Daniel and Markie Baird and have two precious daughters – Aslyn who is 3 and Brooklyn who will be 2 in October. Come along with us on an incredible journey of faith as we work to bring our third daughter home from Eastern Europe.

Our adoption journey begins with an Instagram post that Markie saw in February of 2020. That child was an 8 year old (at the time) whose alias name was one that she and Daniel had already picked out to name a future daughter. When Markie saw the pictures, the whole world stopped. She looked like she belonged in our family! Markie showed Daniel the post and he thought she was adorable and agreed that she definitely looked like a Baird. They had always talked about adoption and agreed that one day they would adopt but for Daniel this just didn’t feel like the right time.

After several months of praying, Markie shared her desires with Daniel and he realized that this may be something that he too would need to pray through to decide. They reached out to trusted friends and spiritual mentors to help them try to discern the Lord’s call on their lives. This felt like a weighted decision because life as they knew it would change drastically for them and their family. Markie and Daniel work as houseparents at a residential counseling center, working with teens and their families. They help navigate crisis and lead families to healing through the grace of our Lord. Pursuing adoption would mean that their ministry would change and they may not be able to house parent alongside adoption. Through months of heart searching, praying and seeking they decided together that they would pursue this beautiful work of adoption – trusting that if God was leading them to adopt, that He would open the doors necessary to bring it to completion. Little did they know that God was going to show His faithfulness and His heart for the fatherless in radical ways.

When presented with the choice to remain as house parents or pursue adoption, Daniel and Markie chose to pursue the adoption and leave their jobs, which also meant leaving their home. Though there was no guarantee of jobs, housing or even being able to continue with the adoption, they were confident that they had been called to this and that God would see them through it. Daniel was offered a job in tech almost immediately and despite a limited budget and a very competitive housing market, they also found a house.

God is paving the way and the transitions are full of excitement and expectancy. Thank you for joining us, your support and prayers are another example of God’s faithfulness in our family. We are humbled by this community and deeply grateful. We would love for you to share our story and follow along on our blog as this story continues to unfold.

5/11/2022 — COURT PASSED

$7,398.31 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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