Devin, an IT manager at an electric cooperative, and Melissa, a former teacher, have been married for six years and have two children, a toddler and a teen that make life full and fun! They love spending time together, hiking, fishing, exploring new parks and destinations.

For many years Melissa felt God placing the special needs orphan on her heart and together, their family spent several years advocating for children through Reece’s Rainbow’s Guardian Angel program. They were even able to meet one of the wonderful girls they had advocated for after her family found her. It was such a beautiful experience and they and are still in contact with that family today.

A couple years ago, the calling was clear that advocating was no longer enough and there was definitely more they could do. After a teary conversation, Devin and Melissa both committed to making the changes necessary to pursue their own adoption and give a child the home and family he has always deserved.

Melissa resigned from her career to be a stay at home mom, they added another bedroom to their home, restructured their budget, and got busy saving for the upcoming cost. They have felt God paving their way with every step and cannot wait to grow their family.

They are so grateful for everyone who finds it their hearts to help. International adoption is expensive, but Devin and Melissa are certain the expense will be nothing in comparison to what their family will gain. If you are unable to donate, they kindly request that you share their story. They believe strongly in the power of prayer and ask that you join them in keeping their child wrapped in prayer until they can bring him home.  You can visit them at their blog.

9/9/2021 — FIRST (Virtual) VISIT in SEPTEMBER

$1,543.20 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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