Laci resides in Texas and has two dogs whom she adores. She is a Texas-certified early childhood special education teacher. She is certified in ESL, Special Education, and EC-6. She has been teaching in a special education setting for six years and has experience working with disabilities ranging from mild to severe. She is passionate about working with students with special needs. She began thinking about international adoption in 2021. She started researching ways to finance an international adoption. Upon finding Reece’s Rainbow, international adoption began to seem possible. She took a step of faith after 6 months of research and prayer.  She has been matched with an older waiting child in Asia. She has been receiving 6 month reports while waiting to bring him home. She has fallen in love with every photo and video of him. She believes she has the skills and resources to raise a child with special needs and trauma. She has faced a lot of challenges and delays along the way but is making progress toward bringing her son home to Texas. She hopes she can travel to his country soon and loves learning everything she can about his home and language.


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