When I was in college in 1996, I had the opportunity to travel to Haiti on a service learning trip. It was there I met the most precious child, a social orphan, like so many in the world. And she planted a seed that took years to spout. In 2010, I traveled with family to Bangladesh to visit children we sponsored at an orphanage. There I realized that love could fully and completely extend beyond the boundaries of traditional views of parent and child. It was a profound time of learning about family structure.

I have three incredible children conceived through IVF; my sweet sons are Joshua, Johnathan and Gabriel. It was a time that l learned to lean fully rely on God. It taught me that hard things happen and still I can trust in Him! As I prayed for the children of my womb, I have also prayed for this little boy of my heart. I know he meant to feel loved and belong with us; he’s been wanted and longed for, for many years!

It is not in my nature to seek assistance however, this is a time, I do ask. The cost of international adoption is expensive ($35,000). I would love for you to partner with us to bring our sweet child home. Also, I believe strongly in the power of prayer and welcome prayers for ease of process, for our family as we prepare here but specially to keep our little one safe and protected till home with us.


$3,432.58 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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