Knowing just how many children in the world need loving homes, Kelley and Jon have dreamed of adoption for years. They thought their story would start with having biological children, then growing their family further through adoption. God had different plans, though. After experiencing 4 difficult pregnancy losses, they started to open their hearts to beginning the process of adoption. They weren’t sure which route they would go – foster care? domestic adoption? When an email showed up in Kelley’s inbox from an international adoption agency with pictures of a 3-year-old boy, she was intrigued and immediately requested more information. When Kelley saw the first video of this little guy, her first thought was “that’s my kid!”. After praying about it together, Kelley and Jon decided to move forward with pursuing a soft match with that particular waiting child. After being prepared for a 4-6 week wait, his country approved the soft match in only a few short days!

With so much love to give, Kelley and Jon are ready for the beautiful and challenging journey ahead. As an occupational therapist with experience in pediatrics, Kelley has a great understanding of the resources available in the community to best support this little guy’s developmental and medical needs. Since we live within an easy drive of a state school for the deaf, a wide range of resources will be available to support the learning needs of this sweet little guy.

Kelley and Jon can’t wait to bring home their first child and begin pouring love into him. The waiting will be hard, knowing that he is still living in an orphanage and not receiving medical and therapeutic interventions that are so important at this early age. They are ready to do everything possible to speed up the process. They are so grateful for any financial support to help bring this sweet little guy home and into a loving family!

9/21/2022 — COURT PASSED!

$17,762.86 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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