Meet the Hymas family! Curtis and Desiree married young 16 years ago and have never looked back! They knew they had something special and envisioned a simple life of love, sacrifice, faith and adventure. Five biological kids later, they recognized their passion for being parents, creating memories and raising a close-knit family with the same values.

One of Desiree’s most formative experiences growing up was having her aunt Vickie live with her family. Vickie had Down Syndrome and brought unconditional love and happiness everywhere she went. Over the years, Desiree spent time working with and befriending those with special needs—associations which have brought her increased meaning and joy as a mother. Upon learning that children with Down Syndrome are consigned to orphanages around the world, the Hymas family immediately felt the need to answer the call to open their home.

After many months of fasting, prayer and emotional experiences together, the Hymas family found a 3-year-old boy from Kyrgyzstan and felt an instant connection. After looking up Kyrgyzstan on a map, they found out it’s one of the most expensive countries for adoption. Already frustrated with the length of time international adoption requires and the amounts of money due up front, the Hymases are doing their part to act quickly to avoid unnecessary financial delays in bringing their new addition home.

It will require miracles and push the family way outside its comfort zone, so all the support received from family, friends and the global community of those desiring to make a difference is eternally appreciated!


$11,984.76 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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