Lindsey and Patrick have been married for 15 years and knew they always wanted to adopt. They began fostering soon after getting married and have continued to foster many kids, including their now adopted daughters. In 2020, they saw a little girls on Reece’s Rainbow and decided to no longer let finances stop them from adopting internationally. During the homestudy phase, that little girl was matched with another family. Even though their hearts were broken, they prayed and knew they needed to continue. After learning about the children with Down syndrome and likely outcomes they decided to adopt a little girl they called Liana. They now have a house full of girls, including their biological daughter, but felt they still had some love to give. This time, they will be bringing home their first BOY! They are so excited, but needs lots of prayers and help to make it happen. With international adoption costing $35,000+ they can’t do it without you! Any help to bring this sweet boy home is greatly appreciated.

Update:  The Dispenza family will be bringing home TWO boys!!

The Dispenza family has met their $2500 MATCHING GRANT!!

9/11/2023 — AWAITING COURT 

$8,001.61 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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