TREY for the Shepard family — IN

We are James and Kim Shepard. We are two passionate, goofy, and adventurous cat parents who are seeking to grow our awesome family through international adoption. We both work for the same agent as community-based therapists for individuals with disabilities and mental health dual diagnoses. We both have a huge heart for individuals with disabilities and are fervent advocates for acceptance and inclusion, which started when we were young and grew into our professional lives. We seek to continue this mission through our personal family lives and feel a huge calling to establish a home where children with disabilities are given the highest quality of life and the love that they deserve. This mission has really grown and developed as God called us towards international adoption of a child with Down Syndrome in 2021, while we were looking through all the wonderful children in need of loving homes on the Reece’s Rainbow website. We recently purchased a home in Indiana, where we care for our four cats and bearded dragon, explore our love of foods from all different cultures in our bright orange kitchen, and develop James’s growing photography business. We are so excited to welcome our future child into our wonderful and exciting lives.


$2,019.12 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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