Jim and Katya came from completely different worlds. Jim was born and raised in the Midwest and had rarely traveled. Katya is from Russia and loved to travel. She spent the summer of 1998 working at a bed and breakfast in the U.S. She returned to Russia in the fall of 1998 to complete her degree not sure if she would ever come back. But, in the summer of 2000 she got the chance to return to the U.S. and that’s where things got interesting.

Jim and Katya met while taking a class at a local university in 2001 and have been together ever since. They married in 2003 and have seven wonderful children ranging in age from 5 to 18. Their youngest son, Sammy, came home from Eastern Europe in July of 2020. Sammy is deaf and has cystic fibrosis. He had undergone two surgeries since coming home, doubled his weight, can now hear with the help of cochlear implants, and is learning to communicate both verbally and using ASL. He is energetic, loves dressing up, wrestling with his brothers, going shopping and riding the bus to school. He brings so much love, joy and laughter to the Bukowski household.

A year after Sammy’s adoption was complete, Katya fell in love with Vivian (who has a genetic syndrome and hearing loss) who just happens to be living in the same orphanage as Sammy. After experiencing the amazing transformation born of the love between Sammy and his six siblings, Jim and Katya knew that Vivian was meant to be part of this family.

Jim and Katya ask that you pray for their family’s adoption, and for the health of Vivian during this process and beyond. She desperately needs medical care that is inaccessible in her birth country. There are so many amazing and deserving families on Reece’s Rainbow, and nothing makes this particular family more worthy than any other. However, if you feel moved to help the Bukowski family financially, please know that they will be forever grateful. As in addition to high cost of international adoption, they do anticipate having high ongoing medical costs due to Vivian’s needs.

May God continue to bless the Reece’s Rainbow family!

10/18/2022 — COURT in OCTOBER

$3,251.20 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Vivian has also received a $2000 country-specific grant from Reece’s Rainbow.