Jonathan and Maggie Casey are classically trained musicians living in Northeast Indiana. They met when they were 10 years old and started dating in college. From early in their relationship they determined that they both wanted lots of children; at the time they both had nieces and nephews they loved dearly and both of them cherish the good gift that children are. After their marriage in 2015 they hoped and waited for children in God’s time. In the intervening years, they consulted medical professionals, prayed, and sought guidance both from faithful teachers and from scripture.

In mid-2018 Jonathan and Maggie began to seriously plan for adoption. They had discussed adoption together earlier in their relationship, as a good that they would like to participate in, and they began to make concrete plans. They began to save money and to exercise strict budgetary discipline to be able to purchase a house that could accommodate their longed for children. In early 2019 they were able to purchase a house and they turned their attention to research. Over the course of 2019 and 2020 they read many books, continued to pray and save money, even while having to adjust their plans because of delays brought on by COVID.

In early 2021, Jonathan and Maggie decided to begin their long awaited quest and began the adoption process with a home study agency in their area. After much consideration, they had decided they wanted to adopt two children, based on their emotional, financial, and spiritual ability to care for them; and because they both cherish their own siblings and wanted any children to immediately have that benefit. Even as they began the home study paperwork, they were sent a profile for a sibling pair in Eastern Europe, two kids with special needs, who needed a home. They submitted a request to the government of the boys’ country and received a soft match. As of October, their home study has been completed and they are working on completing their dossier.

Jonathan and Maggie both come from moderately sized families. Each of them has three siblings and from these three siblings they have 17 amazing nieces and nephews (so far). They are part of a supportive and loving Church community, gathered around the Word and Sacraments and succored by the mutual consolation and conversation of their brothers and sisters in Christ. They both sing in the choir and Maggie plays the organ for the church school’s daily morning prayer service.

Jonathan works for an insurance company as a case manager, and has dedicated his energy and resources to making his home fit for children, particularly by letting Maggie remain in it. Maggie is a part time music teacher, and together the two of them fill their home with music, art, and books. Lots of books. Maggie’s teaching includes teaching music for a special needs organization in their area and she has several children with special needs in her private studio.

The Caseys crave your support in any fashion you can give, money being the most obvious, but foremost in your prayers. God is the author and source of every good, and it is only through His mercy and goodness that Jonathan and Maggie can know that He will bless these boys through them. If God Himself is for them, then nothing can stand against His will and favor.

5/17/2022 — FIRST TRIP in JUNE

$10,757.25 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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