When Robert and I realized God was calling us to step out in faith to adopt, He had already provided her for us. She was 15yrs old at the time, an advocate was trying to find her a family she so desperately wanted. By this time He had already placed her photo, and story in our path. Once we realized that God had chosen US to be the family she wanted and needed. Surprised, and kinda in shock you might say. However we will do anything our Father wants us to do. Although unprepared financially, we said YES God, however you are fully aware of our finances, but you know the end from the beginning, and are able to do all we can ask or even imagine!

Here’s a little back story on us. We have 6 adult children, and 5 grandchildren from previous marriages. We are in our 50’s, bought land, and Robert is building us a house in the country. This is where we thought our lives were headed. Savings depleted from building the house little by little without a loan. We do not want a mortgage. Adoption wasn’t a part of this “plan”, well not ours! Even though our world has flip flopped God is so good to us! There’s millions of others better fit to adopt, but He chose US for HER.

He is amazing, and yet has a sense of humor. She had 1 month until her 16th birthday. What?! Yes, we had to act quickly. No time to save money, look into resources etc… Praying, we made it! Now we immediately started fundraising! I started Hot Cocoa bombs making/selling them, started a gofundme, a tshirt and Gobena coffee immediately, and still continue them regularly. Currently, I have a Facebook fundraising group: Moving Mountains fundraising that brings a steady flow in, however small amounts. Gobena coffee has never stopped, and a puzzle going on now. We have recently had Connected Hearts Ministry join our fundraising efforts with a crowd fund, and adoption board. These have been the most successful thus far. We currently have $9802 in our account with them.

How would financial assistance help us? It will make us a family. It will give her love unending, unconditional, and opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have. A bigger question: What if we were not to get assistance needed? The thought makes me ill, I have to believe God would not let us be so attached to her, and she to us. The bond we have even without touch, hugs, or that one on one contact gives you, its absolutely incredible. To love a child you’ve never met before, yet you’d lay your life down for her.

2/22/2022 — COURT in MARCH

$2,597.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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