Atticus, Natalie, and Ross #

Sibling Group
Ages: 12, 9, 10
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD, Behavior, Limb differences
Listed: Nov 2023
Meet “A, N & R” – three siblings who are longing for a family where they can grow up loved and together. A is a 12-year-old boy who does well in school and gets along with others. He has vision loss in one eye, but that has not seemed to slow him down! His sister, N, just turned nine years old. She has diagnoses of a mild intellectual delay and minor behavioral issues. N is described as mobile and energetic. She enjoys playing with her classmates and while she may learn more slowly than her peers, she is making continual progress. Their brother, R, just turned ten years old. R likes to color, watch TV, and ride on scooters and bicycles. He has diagnoses of a mild intellectual delay and ADHD as well as a congenital foot deformity for which he has undergone some treatment.