Girl, Age: 1
Country Code: EE-7
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Spina bifida with hydrocephalus and hip deformity. Feet paraplegia with partial urine and fecal retention
and Chiari malformation type II.
Listed: Nov 2023
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Monica is described as very sweet with a good appetite. She has a calm disposition and is always in a good mood. Her development is impaired with delays in fine motor skills, speech perception, expressive language, auditory attention, independence and sociality. Gross motor skills are significantly impaired. Visual attention is the most advanced. She gurgles and is very interested in various toys. She loves to touch and feel things. She observes her surroundings, knows people who are often with her, and is reluctant to accept strangers until she is used to them. She is very happy to be spoken to, moves her hands, smiles, giggles, chuckles, laughs loudly, and responds in her own language. She loves to be held, picked up and carried around. When placed on her tummy, she raises her head, holds it a little, tries to reach for toys. She has a calm disposition and a good attitude. She is catheterized every 4 hours, with an 8-hour overnight break. She is becoming more independent, tries to drink from a cup she is holding, eats by herself holding a biscuit in her hand, holds a spoon, picks up small crumbs with her fingers and puts them in her mouth.