Boy, Age: 12
Country Code: EE-7
Listed: Nov 2023
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Waylon is in 5th grade with average academic achievements. He excels in mathematics and is particularly diligent in art and technology. He is inquisitive during educational trips and is an active participant in physical play. Waylon’s reading skills are good, he is able to narrate and read a text, answer questions, observe, and analyze. He attends wrestling, science, drama and sports clubs. In his free time, he plays basketball, and football, cycles, draws, does needlework, plays computer games, and watches TikTok or films. He has several friends with whom he spends his free time.

Waylon tries to follow rules but has difficulty following rules during lessons and concentrating on tasks. He sometimes
struggles to control his behavior and emotions. When angry, he behaves impulsively and uses verbal aggression. Seeks
leadership positions sometimes overestimating his own strength. He can become angry when he loses an activity and then
refuses to continue.

At first contact, the impression is that he is shy and withdrawn. After familiarizing himself with his
surroundings in a group of other children, he becomes bold and eager to make an impression. Waylon is able to make friends with other children, but is not always able to maintain them for long periods of time. Relationships with staff are generally warm, friendly and respectful. He is willing to interact, spontaneously develops a conversation and initiates conversations on topics of interest to him. Can distinguish, understand and relate emotions (sadness, anger, happiness, joy) to personal experience, although more often suppresses them and then acts them out on impulse. He lacks emotional self-regulation skills and sometimes has complex emotional experiences (loneliness, insecurity, anger, hopes and dreams about family life). Waylon is helpful, inquisitive, polite, generous, loves animals and likes to joke. He has age-appropriate decision-making skills, problem-solving skills. He has some signs of inappropriate behavior (swearing, insulting other children, not always responding to comments, etc.) due to being around older children. Waylon has been receiving psychological counselling since 2019. His caregivers say that it is likely that his mental health will improve significantly if he is provided with a safe, affectionate family environment.

Atticus, Natalie, and Ross #

Sibling Group
Ages: 12, 9, 10
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD, Behavior, Limb differences
Listed: Nov 2023
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Meet “A, N & R” – three siblings who are longing for a family where they can grow up loved and together. A is a 12-year-old boy who does well in school and gets along with others. He has vision loss in one eye, but that has not seemed to slow him down! His sister, N, just turned nine years old. She has diagnoses of a mild intellectual delay and minor behavioral issues. N is described as mobile and energetic. She enjoys playing with her classmates and while she may learn more slowly than her peers, she is making continual progress. Their brother, R, just turned ten years old. R likes to color, watch TV, and ride on scooters and bicycles. He has diagnoses of a mild intellectual delay and ADHD as well as a congenital foot deformity for which he has undergone some treatment.

Yvonne #

Girl, Age: 11
Primary Diagnosis: Behavior, Traumatic Brain Injury
Low Birth Weight, malnutrition
Listed: Sep 2023
**** I am eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant ****
Grant funds depend on available funding; the link above, shows the current available amount!
To inquire about this child, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org ***
Yvonne recently turned 11 years old. As a result of her low birth weight (4.8 pounds), a traumatic brain injury, and an early history of malnutrition, she has diagnoses of a mild mental delay, hyperkinetic disturbance of behavior, and delayed speech-language development. Since being placed with a foster family in 2018, however, she has grown both physically and emotionally. Her foster mother describes her as reserved, helpful and intent on getting what she wants. Yvonne attends a local school and is working at a third grade level. She is fearful of new people and new places. She generally will answer questions with one or two words, though those who know her well can understand her mispronunciations when she speaks at greater length. Her foster family and social worker are preparing her for what it means to be adopted.

Nila and Nikki

Sibling Group
Ages: 8, 7
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Listed: Jun 2023
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We are excited to introduce siblings Nila and Nikki!

Nila enjoys playing with toys and playing outdoors. Nila is known to be strong willed, not timid, and gets along well with her peers. Nila resides with a foster family and has a close bond with her 8 year old foster brother.  

Nila has mild cognitive developmental delays. She is a second grader in elementary school and attends resource classes. Nila attends an afterschool program where she can receive extra assistance with her school work. When asked about her favorite subject in school, Nila stated music class because she loves to sing!  

Nikki’s favorite activity is playing games like Red Light, Green Light and Hide-and-Seek! Nikki also enjoys playground slides, drawing, watching cartoons, and anything involving Princess Elsa. Nikki’s foster mother describes her as outgoing and passionate. She isn’t shy and will excitedly approach new people.  

Nikki has global delays and suspected ADHD. She attends weekly physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Nikki made notable improvements since starting these therapies. She can identify colors, count to 20, draw pictures, and speak in full sentences. Nikki attends kindergarten and stated she likes school. Each day, Nikki eagerly shares about her day with her foster mother. 

Nila and Nikki live in separate foster homes. They have had the opportunity to spend time with each other at events sponsored by their social welfare agency. In a recent outing, the girls spent time together enjoying the sights and activities at a dinosaur theme park! The sisters have a 9 year old brother who was adopted to a family residing in Denmark.