Atticus, Natalie, and Ross #

Sibling Group
Ages: 12, 9, 10
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD, Behavior, Limb differences
Listed: Nov 2023
Meet “A, N & R” – three siblings who are longing for a family where they can grow up loved and together. A is a 12-year-old boy who does well in school and gets along with others. He has vision loss in one eye, but that has not seemed to slow him down! His sister, N, just turned nine years old. She has diagnoses of a mild intellectual delay and minor behavioral issues. N is described as mobile and energetic. She enjoys playing with her classmates and while she may learn more slowly than her peers, she is making continual progress. Their brother, R, just turned ten years old. R likes to color, watch TV, and ride on scooters and bicycles. He has diagnoses of a mild intellectual delay and ADHD as well as a congenital foot deformity for which he has undergone some treatment.

Otto #

Boy, Age: 6
He was born 3 months prematurely and spent one month hospitalized and one month in a center before
being released to his family’s care.
In March 2022, an emergency call was received, and Otto was taken to the hospital. Life-saving measures
were required. He was blue and had to be aspirated. He was severely malnourished and anemic. His legs
and hands were frostbitten and necrotic and amputations had to be performed. He remained hospitalized
for a month and then was released to the Center.
The child has amputated lower limbs below the knees. He is in the process of learning to walk with
prostheses and with the help of a walker. He mainly moves in space "on his knees" and by crawling. In the
way of "kneeling" and with his hands, he skillfully climbs on surfaces of different heights. The child does
not have four fingers on his right hand, but he reaches and grabs larger objects with the help of his thumb,
he has a tweezer grip with his left hand. He likes personal attention from an adult and expresses pleasure
by smiling and laughing when teased. There are no indications of aggressive behavior. Passive part of
speech – does not understand, does not follow commands and instructions, does not address by name.
Active part of speech – no meaningful word, does not form a sentence. Does not interact with peers.
Expresses pleasure (by smiling, laughing) only to a very familiar adult.
The primary wounds have healed. Prostheses are put on for several hours so that he can get used to them
and accept them. He is put in a walker for about 4-5 hours. Moderate mental retardation. Condition after
severe protein calorie malnutrition. He likes classes with a teacher, speech therapist, and music therapist.
The child lags behind developmentally; he does not speak. There is a need for complex rehabilitation –
speech therapist, pedagogue, rehabilitator, and timely replacement of prostheses with growth. Team
monitoring of the child's health, physical and neuro-psychological development continues.

Nilo #

Girl, Age: 11
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
Cognitive Delays
Listed: Aug 2023
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Nilo resides in a professional foster family. She has a congenital absence of her right forearm. Nilo is educated according to the Individual Study Plans of Students with a lower degree of complexity than the educational minimum for the calendar age, tailored to her individual needs. At a moderate pace, with individual help and guidance from the
teacher, she acquires knowledge, skills and competences foreseen in the individual curriculum for each subject of the individual curriculum. The girl distinguishes between the categories of good and bad, she knows generally accepted rules of behavior in social communication. She defines and expresses own desires and needs in words.

Nilo has diverse interests.

Nilo experiences attachment to children and therapists. She is sad when separated from someone. She seeks contact with adults, classmates and older students and engages in joint activities with them, she participates in role-playing games. She has mastered the social role of a student and classmate. Nilo helps her classmates when she sees that they are having a hard time. The comfort zone is the classroom and Montessori room.

The child communicates verbally, expresses wishes, and is often persistent about them, especially about things that spark her interest. When asked a question, she needs time to think about it and reproduce an answer; she constantly asks questions and seeks approval. The answer is not always adequate to the situation. She doesn’t always
understand the meaning of what was said and the execution of a relevant instruction.

Nilo likes a variety of toys, and she possesses different ones. She can play with other children and is cooperative, she shares her belongings. Nilo has developed self-service skills and readiness for academic work. She has established hygiene habits. She eats independently; dresses and undresses; unfastens and fastens; puts on and takes off shoes; she knows the parts of clothing. She can’t tie shoelaces.

She can say that she is in a foster family and that the foster mother raised her. The girl partially understands that foster care is temporary. She listens and accepts information related to the possibility of being adopted and meets potential adoptive parents, but still, she cannot imagine living in a different place.


Boy, Age: 11
Country Code: Africa-2
Region: Africa
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
missing both lower limbs
Listed: Feb 2023
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Adam uses a wheelchair and can also move around using his hands and arms. He does not have any cognitive delays or health concerns. He was born missing both lower limbs and was abandoned shortly after birth as a result.

Adam attends school. He is doing very well in math class. He enjoys helping with housework, especially washing clothes. He enjoys going to church. He loves to dance and performs with a group from the orphanage. He gets frustrated when he cannot perform certain dance steps like his friends. He is self-conscious about people looking at him due to his missing legs. He needs a family that will help him grow into confidence with who he is. His favorite extracurricular activity is swimming. His social worker believes he can develop into a very good swimmer and that swimming is a great activity to help his confidence.


Boy, Age: 11
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
Listed: May 2015
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Quinntavius is missing his right hand. It looks as if he may have ptosis (droopy eye lid) of his left eye, but that is not a formal diagnosis. Quinntavius likes to look at picture books and be read to. He really enjoys going outside and playing and basking in the sunshine. Quinntavius has good fine motor skills and is very observant. He knows his name and likes hearing his named called. Quinntavius has good expression and is very curious. He is a quiet boy and doesn’t cry often. He can combine actions with words, such as shaking his head no and saying no. He really likes to play with toys, especially blocks, and he enjoys rolling balls. Quinntavius sounds like a wonderful little boy who doesn’t let anything stop him. Now he just needs a forever family of his own! Video available from spring 2017.


Boy, Age: 10
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
Listed: Aug 2019
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!
The child understands simple words, sometimes the child will follow aunt to speak. Braxton can play in the activity room every day, the child likes playing with other children specially. He likes the blocks especially, but he can not play, so he looks at other children to play blocks, and he likes circle toy. If he wants the toys or other objects, he will shake his arms.

He is shy with strangers. Once he’s familiar with someone, he will move to them, he likes praise, and then accompany him.The child is very clever, sometimes he can help aunt to close the door, knows to call the names of other children who are in the same room with him.


Boy, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
Limb differences-hands and feet deformity
Listed: Nov 2014
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Warner is diagnosed with deformity of hands and feet. He has one toe on each foot and one finger on each hand, but he does not let that stop him from doing anything…he’s one amazing and resilient kid!

Warner’s file is outdated, so his current agency is trying to get an update. From his Oct. 2011 file: Warner has good common sense and can sing songs he sees on TV. He takes his quilt and goes to bed when the caretaker tells him to. He can play and eat with his hand holding the toy or bottle just like any other child, even if the toy is small. His intelligence and language development are normal. Warner likes imitating the grown-ups’ behaviors and he is curious about everything. Warner is described as a lovely character and as optimistic. He is an intelligent child who has great ability to learn new things and he is happy to play with others. His favorite thing to do was play in the ball pit. Look at all the things Warner can do! He is not going to let anything get in his way or stop him. Will you be the lucky family who makes Warner your son?